By Walter Dean Myers

Many times in our lives, obstacles and problems come our way. It's how we handle them that truly matters.

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"'For whatever reason we don't always have the chance to do what we love. That's a special gift from God. But when you are doing what you love, you got to bust it. And when you do, it works. I can't tell you how it works, but it works.'" (Myers 178).

Greg "Slam" Harris is a star basketball athlete. He's great on the court and with the girls. It's off the court where he begins to struggle. Throughout his school life he has had problems with grades, homework, and projects. Plus, he has a problem with his temper. His mom and all of his teachers and principals keep nagging at him to study more or get a tutor. But he doesn't want any of that. He believes that basketball is all he needs. But when he gets a talk from an assistant coach he realizes there is much more to life than basketball. He is taught that it is good to have a goal and focus on it. But you can't forget what is going on around you. Join Slam and the millions of other readers on his journey to find what his future holds for him.

What will you do to accomplish your goals?


Walter Dean Myers was born in Martinsburg, West Virginia, in 1937. After the death of his mother, Walter was sent to Harlem to live with family friends. This experience changes his whole life forever. As a young child, Myers had a speech problem and this caused his school life to be more difficult than most of the other school kids. However, he loved to read, and this was probably most influential on his upcoming writing career. After he left his family friends house to go on his own he began his incredible career as a writer. He wrote many books during his life, many of them earning him awards and credibility. He is married and has three children and still enjoys writing to this day.
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"Heart-thumping hoop action in a novel that, like most good sports stories, is about more than just sports." - Publishers Weekly

"Open to any page, and let Myers' skill with words pull you into the story. Slam! will fly off the shelves." - VOYA

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