Girl Online

By: Zoe Sugg , Macey Collins , Block 2

Man VS. Self

Penny blogs about school dramas ,boys , and her crazy family - and the panic attacks she has been having lately. When things go bad to worse her family takes her to New York and of course she meet this beautiful stunning guy Noah who she calls rock-God-tastic and she starts to fall in LOVE with him knowing the whole time when her trip is over she will have to leave knowing that she might never see Noah ever again! And Noah has a secret and he WON'T tell Penny.


I felt the theme was don't be afraid to be yourself and surround yourself with people that make you happy. She likes this guys who lives in her hometown Brighton and always felt like she was doing something wrong and embarrassing in front of him, but when she meant Noah it wasn't like that she didn't feel like she was always doing something wrong she felt like she could be herself without being judged. Which made her happy. :)


Penny and Elliot have secret knocks that mean more than they sound. They have meanings like, "Can I come over?" And a certain number of knocks means a certain sentence almost to make sure your okay, so when your not together its almost like your together.
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Book recommendation

Over all this was the best book I have ever read and I loved how it was very kid friendly but not to kiddy. I would give this a 10 out of 10 rating. This is the only book that i connected to apart from the blog. You should really go out and buy this it is definitely worth the money.