Dealing With ISIS

Cameron Carrol and Alex Velazquez

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ISIS- What is it

Islamic State of Iraq and Syria.
Other names
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Obama's Thoughts

Airstikes and Special Operations Forces.
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Paris Attacks

130 people killed
368 people injured
Attackers sneaked in with Syrian refugees
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Republican Candidate Plans

Trump- Take their oil, bomb them to hell.

Rubio- 10,000 U.S. troops, international coalition.
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Democrat Candidate Plans

Hillary- Airstrikes and troops from an international coalition.

Sanders- International coalition not lead by U.S., Middle Eastern countries should do more.
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Not part of coalition, 150,000 troops, airstrikes, problems with Turkey.
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France- Carrying out its own airstrikes.
Other European countries- Part of U.S. coalition.
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Middle Eastern Counrties

Countries came together
Meeting in Jeddah
Military support, humanitarian aid, halt the flow of funds.


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