Denali National Park

By Johnathan and Ray

landform Description

Denali National Park has a huge many beautiful mountain ranges, lakes, and forest.


Mount McKinley has some of the most severe weather. it has all of the seasons in the summer it gets as hot s 50 degrees Fahrenheit, and as cold as negative 54 degrees Fahrenheit.

Some pictures of Mount McKinely a important landform

Examples of Flora

Denali National Park has over 1,500 species of plants mosses ans linches. This flowers is just a simple wild flower.

Examples of Fauna

there is over 100 types of birds. There is to many mammals to count. There is on amphibian the wood frog
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Specific Information

the importance of Denali National Park is to protect the animals and Mount McKinley because they are one of a kind. On December 2, 1980 Denali National park was preserved for it's beauty. Planning from Denali National park provides methods and tools for resoling issues. The subsistence opportunities helps protect the fish and wildlife. Air pollution is the parks biggest threat.


  1. what is the only amphibian in Denali National park?
  2. What is the parks biggest threat?
  3. How high is Mount McKinley?