Watershed & Ocean Ecosystems

Informational Poster

The Positives and Negatives of Humans

- Humans over fish and destroy marine animals' homes

+ Humans then enforce laws in place the prevent you from over fishing and also create artificial reefs

- Toxins get in the lakes, rivers and aquifers

+ Humans put water purifying chemicals that will clean most or all of the toxic chemicals like oil and spilled waste

- Another bad thing that humans do is extract too much water from aquifers

before it can replenish its self

+ People have to find other water sources they can get water from and have to take breaks from aquifers before they empty

- Fertilizers drain into the near runoff rivers and areas that lead to bigger ones and finally into the ocean and most are from fertilizing crops like corn

+ Companies put filters in runoffs near cities to clean out the fertilizers or even the oil that comes off of the streets.

- The final negative effect is just litter because people are too lazy to throw away their trash

+ People come out and pick up the litter on their own time and for punishment because people couldn't follow the law and got in trouble have to come out and pick up the trash for a specific amount of time

The world is growing every minute and that means the demand for more resources from the ocean is growing. Were going to need more oxygen more fish and more water from the ocean as the population increases.