The Final Solution

Concentration Camp Life and Atrocities


After the Hitler took over and the Nazi party got more power in 1933, they started planning to get rid of the unwanted people like the Jewish, they gypsies, homosexuals, and homeless because they blamed them for the Treaty of Versailles and they didn't think they were good enough because they weren't pure. They started by taking away their citizenship and making laws against them so they did not have as many rights. After a while they started killing them on the street. Shooting them became a lot of pressure for the guards so started putting them into camps where they had to work and they would kill most people there. They had set up their first camp in Dachua and then set up around 40,000 camps where they would hold all of the people. They organized the people inside of the camps by position, age, whether they were sick, their race, and their gender so that they know who to kill first and where to put them for work. Most people did not live very long because they were not fed a lo so they would slowly starve, they were overworked, they got sick form the people around them, and the guards would kill them at random. Most of the camps were over filled so that people had to cram in to little shacks with tons of people. At some camps they would have people come out and get in lines so they could send them into the gas chambers or to the ovens, they normally started with sick and old people because they thought they were useless.

Slowly Starved to Death

The people were not fed enough and they had to work a lot so they were very malnourished and they would eventually collapse or die from just that. They were also so skinny that you could see their bones.