Mustang Minute

July 31, 2020

**First Day of School CHANGED to Monday, August 24**

See below for details

“Anyone who does anything to help a child is a hero to me.” — Fred Rogers, television personality

Our subscription services, such as IXL, Seesaw, Schoology, Fasttmath, EPIC, are in the process of moving students over to their next year's class. You may no longer have access to some of these accounts as we roll them over to their new teacher. You will receive new login information from next year's teacher.


  • Updated First Day of School (NEW)
  • Return Plans Update (NEW)
  • Face Masks
  • Yearbook
  • EPIC News (Updated)
  • Virtual Backpack

Updated First Day of School

We have adjusted the first day of school. The first day of school will now be Monday, August 24th. This change was to allow more preparation and training for our teaching staff going into this school year. With new programs, new environments, and new approaches to teaching during an epidemic, we know professional development is crucial for our teachers.

Return Plans Update

This year, we want to make sure we have our class sizes as low as we can. Therefore, we knew that we may need to add sections for each grade level to do this. This week we began to plan on how many sections would be remote and how many would be in-person, using the survey families completed last week. We anticipate the following sections for each grade level based on the survey results:

KDG: 2 Remote, 4 In-Person (AVG Class Size = 14)

1st: 2 Remote, 5 In-Person (AVG Class Size = 16)

2nd: 2 Remote, 3 In-Perosn (AVG Class Size = 15)

3rd: 2 Remote, 5 In-Person (AVG Class Size = 16)

4th: 2 Remote, 5 In-Person (AVG Class Size = 17)

5th: 2 Remote, 5 In-Person (AVG Class Size = 18)

Our next step is to assign staff members to these sections. Similar to the survey parents took, we have staff that provided us their options to return as well. We are doing our best to make sure we accommodate those requests and that they match up to the number of students going remote or coming in for in-person learning.

Please be prepared that class lists may not be available until closer to the start of the school year. We will keep you updated weekly on our progress.

Face Masks

As we continue to plan our return with students in the fall, we know that the use of masks will be essential to our learning environment. We are sure your child has already experienced wearing a mask at times over the last few months. Now the challenge will be wearing it for longer periods of time.

There are many companies that are selling masks, but which one is right for you? It really is like choosing a pair of shoes. You want them to be comfortable and still serve the purpose. The CDC recommends face make following these guidelines:

  1. Face masks should fit snugly and comfortably
  2. They must be secured with ties or ear loops
  3. They should comprise multiple fabric layers
  4. You should be able to breathe without restriction while wearing the face mask
  5. You should be able to wash the face masks without causing damage or losing the face mask’s shape

We do suggest families start looking for options for their child and to have them get use to wearing it for longer periods of time. Try wearing the mask around the house in relaxed environments: watching TV, playing a family game, etc.

Yearbook Update

Lifetouch was shut down due to COVID and is currently working with a smaller staff for safety purposes. Unfortunately, we do not have information as to when the yearbook will be delivered. Once it has been delivered, families will be made aware and will be informed of how they will be distributed. We apologize for the delay.

If you are still interested in purchasing a yearbook, there is still 15 -20 left for sale. You can purchase it on Push Coin. Once you have done that, please email the receipt, along with your child's name and homeroom, to Miss Maier at


Spirit Wear: Online sale through August 8th. Shop for short and long sleeve shirts, sweat shirts, zip ups, caps and MASKS (child and adult sizes available). See the flyer in the virtual backpack for details. We will contact you via email about pick up times. Order now to get this year’s spirit wear!

Order at:

Sizing information:

Questions contact:

**Please note: Due to the current situation we are not anticipating having any inventory on hand.

Box Tops: Don’t forget about your Box Tops! If you would like to submit any Box Tops that you have, please email us at: We will be happy to pick them up from your porch or mailbox. Any Box Tops submitted over the summer will be saved for the 2020-2021 school year and your child will get credit for their new classroom. Don’t forget to scan your grocery receipt to earn digital Box Tops for Millburn!

Jimano’s $$: Are you ordering dinner from Jimano’s? Look on your pizza box for the ‘Piece of Education’ logo and save that tab - Jimano’s will donate back to Millburn for each one of those saved! Turn these into the school with your Box Tops. Have a lot and want to give them now? Contact us at

Coca-Cola Give: Coca-Cola Give is a new destination for donating to your school. Each bottle of Coca-Cola products has a code on the inside of the bottle cap. (Not just soda – Dasani water, Powerade, Honest, etc).

2 Ways to give us the codes:

Enter the codes online Click Donate to your Local School. Enter Millburn Middle School or Millburn Elementary School (please make sure it is for the Illinois school NOT the New Jersey one). Join or sign in when you have an account.


Send us the caps: contact us at We will sent up a pick up time and we will do the work for you.

Board Elections: We are going holding elections in the fall. Open positions will be: Vice President, Secretary, Community Fundraising Director, MMS Activity Director and MES Activity Director. If you are interested in a position and would like to reach out to us please contact us at

Amazon Smile: Do you use Amazon? Consider making your orders through Amazon Smile –Millburn EPIC will get a percentage of every order done in our name. See the virtual backpack for the easy instructions.

For more information visit our website at

Questions or concerns contact us at

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