Sharp Scanning!

How-to scan to your computer from network copiers

Friendly-Neighborhood Instructional Technician announcing an exciting new network feature!!

Your fantastic department of technology has moved forward in completing our part to enable network scanning via our Sharp copier systems! The instructions for doing this can be found below!

DISCLAIMER: In a couple select areas the display panel and buttons may look a little different, but, these precise instructions apply for over 90% of our users and copy machines. We can help anyone if there is confusion in the few specific instances but it should still also be extremely similar, anyway...

I'm going to be very granular in instruction to try to help avoid common errors. That's the only reason there are 12 steps, it is NOT a difficult process, I just don't want to miss any little part. Please feel free to give feedback by contacting! Thanks!



We hope this brings productivity and more ease into your daily routine and work processes!

As the image in Step 12 shows, the default file type for the scan is PDF and the subject line of the e-mail will show as a scanned image from the Sharp copier model. This file format will not necessarily work for your "end-game" needs. If you need help with file conversion, file management (knowing how to set-up a folder for scans or organize where this will save after being downloaded, etc), installing Adobe (a PDF reader, which is available in the Software Center), or anything else, please put in a ticket to or refer to one of our other currently existing resources. Thanks!!