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In this flyer you will learn what it takes to be a bobsledders fan. From how many people are allowed in the sled, to some information about Lolo Jones, a new member of the woman's 2014 bobsledding team. You will read some articles about bobsledding and some about how Jones came to be on the team. You will also be watching some videos that will tell you a little bit about everything.


Bobsleigh or also known as Bobsled is one of many fastest sports in the Winter Olympics next to Speed Skiing, Skeleton, and Luge. Bobsled requires two or four people for a men's team and two people for a women's team at a time. While speeding down the track they are driving in a gravity powered sled made of light metal, as the team of two or four slide down a narrow, iced, and even twisted track they are being timed for how fast they are able to go down the track and once they reach the bottom their scores are calculated and the final scores are giving to see who the winner is.
In this article it tells you about who is on the team and it talks about teammates from back then who won the team their medals
In the video down below Steve Holcomb talks about what his job is when they bobsled and how everyone has a job to play in the sled
2010 Winter Olympics Bobsled Preview - from Universal Sports
This video is just to show you what bobsledding looks like and how fast the sled goes down the track.
Sochi 2014 Winter Olympics News 2014 BMW Team USA Bobsled


While training for bobsled we all know that the team members have to be strong since they have to be able to push a sled that weights more then they do. In this article reporters question an Olympic bobsledder on what it takes to train.
An example of what they would have to eat
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In this video you see ways that the members train to prepare for the Olympics.
Olympic Bobsled Training - The Workout - The New York Times
This is what a men and women's uniform would look like. Click here to see more of the outfit and the full size of it

Lolo Jones

Lolo Jones is known for winning many championships during her college year for track and field. While doing track and field, Jones won 7 NCAA for both indoor and outdoor hurdlers.

Link to top picture.

In the video below Lolo Jones talks about how her 4th place in track and field lead her to try harder and join the bobsledding team
In this article it talks about Lolo Jones making the team

Bobsledding Team

Down underneath is a FOX news article about the USA bobsledding team and what their job is in the sled.


In this video it shows you what Lolo Jones workout routine is.
Lolo Jones workout routine, bobsled training for Sochi
Want to know why Jones is frowning and looking down? Find out here.
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Lolo Jones claims in her 26 second video that when she works out she listens to anything with a good beat and/or Hannah Montana.
Deadmau5 - Ghosts n Stuff