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New Zealand is a truly unique country. It consists of beautiful mountains containing rich and diverse minerals, friendly people, and variety of wildlife. Its human population consists of 4.5 million people, and that number is increasing every year by 1.5%. New Zealand is active in the market economic system which is controlled mostly by exports of dairy, meat, and wine, and imports of petroleum, cars, and computers. Our most popular trading partners include Australia, China, United States, Japan, and South Korea, and it is very convenient for us because of our quantity of ports. In ranking of health, education, freedom, and quality of life, New Zealand sits near the top. This country has a lot to look forward to in future years, with the proper push.

We have some pretty rockin' stuff!

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New Zealand's GDP increased this year, but is projected to slightly decrease within the next year or two. But as seen in the graph above, if the GDP dropped one year, it dramatically increased the years afterward. This year included $41,555 GDP per capita and $185 billion gross GDP; an overall GDP growth rate by 2.5%, which is a very healthy growth rate. Within the past 30 years, this countries GDP, exports, and imports have increased substantially.


This countries has high standards and values because it deserves to. We have great optimism that we can become the best and most successful country in the world. We spend at least $13.5 billion annually on education, $14.7 billion on health, and $28.2 billion on social security and welfare.

Easy Now, We Aren't perfect

Although it sounds it, this country isn't perfect. We face challenges of poverty, debt, high unemployment (5.8%), and a reasonable gap between poor and rich. But all of these things can be controlled and improved with enough balance in our economy, this is where you have the ability to help.

Other Important Facts

- life expectancy of 81 years old

- average two kids per household

- languages include English, Maori, and universal sign language

- work week consists of about 40 hours, 20 paid vacation days annually

- popular minerals and metals are bauxite, lead, iron, lithium, gold, and copper

- parliamentary democracy and commonwealth realm

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With the proper push, this country can succeed greatly. It already has a great foundation, a great future, and a great community and generation to look forward to.

Thank You For Your Time!