Paul revere

Paul Revere

Paul revere American revolution

Paul revere was born I 1/1/1735 and died in 5/10/1818. Paul revere began his journey at Charlestown and met Samuel Prescott. Samuel Prescott decided to join Paul revere. Paul revere and Samuel Prescott warned Samuel Adams that the redcoats were coming , Samuel Adams also joined them on there journey . At 2:00am they got caught but Samuel Adams and Samuel Prescott got away. Later on the red coats and the patriots met on a bridge. Some guy fired and they all fired .when the smoke cleared the patriots were winning so the red coats, lost and suffered on there way home.

He helped the in the American revolution by warning that the British soldiers were coming .

Fun facts

He had 8 children with Sarah Orne and 6 lived . 8 with Rachel walker . 5 lived . Occupation was silversmith and colonial militia officer.