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Basic Facts

  • No physical needs, working in a lab
  • You need 2 years past a bachelors in medical or science, most have a doctoral degree
  • The demand for this job is growing
  • 50 thousand dollars average a year
  • 100 thousand with doctoral degree a year
  • Stratigize ways to reduce exsposure
  • Pharmacology and immunology are two related jobs
  • Working with hazardous chemicals
  • Study the effects of potentially harmful chemicals
  • Jobs almost every where

Pros and Cons


  • Good pay
  • Relativity almost ever where
  • No physical demands


  • Dangerous
  • In a smaller lab
  • Lots of schooling

High School and College

  • Take as many biology and chemistry classes
  • Take animal care and veterinary study
  • Finish high school and college with really good grades
  • Two years past your bachloers degree

Three Colleges You Can Attend To Get This Degree

Medical College of Wisconsin

There research programs exist xenobiotic metabolism, biochemical toxicology, organ toxicology, neurotoxicology, environmental and aquatic toxicology and toxicity of pesticides and metals. You have to take the following core classes in biochemistry, cell and molecular biology, genetics, and cellular signal transduction.


•A lot of classes to choose from.

•Required to fulfill only 2 credits.

•Other methods of different studies are included so you learn a little more.


•Cost around 44,000

•Its all the way in Milwaukee

•Large classes of students

UW Milwaukee

This school offers classes mostly for forensics toxicologist. These classes observe and discuss what has happend to a person who has been murdered or has killed themselves.


•Lot of class choices you can choose from

•Leaning more towards forensics toxicology

•There are other similar departments to this


•In Milwaukee

•Bigger classes

•More money

Yale University

Provides point of views from all perspectives. It shows you the medical part of being a toxicologist. Shows and teaches the use of tools in the laboratory.


•Great food programs

•Good teachers

•Good rates of teaching


•Big school with big classes

•Not the most safest area around the school

•Not much variety

Professional Organizations

Professional Toxicology Services

1970 Bond Street

Overland Park, KS 66214


Society of Toxicology

1821 Michael faraday Drive

Suite 300

Reston Virginia

Job Ad

Do look for danger, then look no more because we're offering a job for a toxicologist. We pay 50-100 thousand dollars a year. You need at least two more years after a bachelors degree in medical or science degree. If your interested please go to or call at 920-221-8383