by: Matthew Zgourovski


Whoosh! Splash! That was the sound of a octopus hunting for its prey. Did you know that an octopus can go up to 27 mph? This animal has the most amazing characteristics that are its structure and appearance, movement, and diet.


My creature is called the octopus because it has 8 legs, and octo means 8. This animal has an interesting structure and appearance, movement, and diet. This animal lives very far down in the ocean.

Go Fish

In my go fish I included the Neon Tetras, Blue Tang, and a Red Tailed Shark. There are a total of 19 fish. The total amount of money I used up is $227.Also I will need 20 gallons to support the fish. For the decorations I got 3 Greek column, Asian gazebo, and a medium Greek temple.

Red Tailed Shark

I have bought a Red Tailed Shark for my amazing octopus.
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Octopus Quizzle

Test your knowledge by taking this small quiz.


For my diorama I did a Octopus with it's other habitat.
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Giant Pacific Octopus