Club 45 At Home

Week 17, July 2-July 8

Let's talk about worship!

Hello Club 45 family.

We hope to see you at one of our Zoom gatherings this week:

  • Fridays at 4:30: worship team practice! This is for any singers or musicians who want to grow in their ability to worship God through music, and help others do the same.
  • Sundays at 10:00 is our regular Club 45 gathering where we learn about Jesus, have fun together, pray together, and worship together.
  • Thursdays at 4:30 is our Club 45 hangout where we enjoy time with friends and have some fun playing games and chatting.
  • NEW!!! Wednesdays at 4:30: Growing as a Leader. A new group with Aaron will focus on leading a great discussion about to ask good questions, how to encourage, and all the other great skills it takes to help people interact meaningfully with God and others. Email Aaron for the link. Our next one will be Wednesday, July 8th.

In love,

Your Club 45 team: Tom, Aaron, and Andrea

Gather up some family and let's do Club 45 at home!

You're the expert on Club 45, so you be the teacher! Below is the lesson we had scheduled for this Sunday. Go through all the parts together wherever you are today.
Big picture

Continuing our series about Worship!

Last week we talked about how worship, which simply means to value God above everyone and everything else, to always be paying attention to Him. We worship God because He loves us and rescued us. We worship Him with everything we’ve got: our minds, hearts, and bodies. This week we’re going to talk about when and where we worship Jesus.

Circle Time

Alright everyone, time to begin! Answer the following questions with your family:

  • Your name
  • Your number from 1-4 that tells us how you are...1 is not so good, 4 is great.
  • What's your favorite physical activity?

Find it in the Bible

In a physical Bible, or in a Bible app like YouVersion, look up 2 Samuel 6:14-16 and John 4:23-24. Read it together. Think and talk about this:

  • In reading the verses from 2 Samuel, what was David doing to worship God? Why do you think it might have been special to God?
  • Thinking about the verses from the book of John, when we worship God, what is He looking for in us?

Let's think about how we worship with our bodies.

            • Is worship all about the hand motions? Well, remember that because of God’s love for us, we love him back in special ways, every day, anywhere we are. That’s the why, what, when, and where of worship. What are the WAYS we worship?
            • In the Old Testament, God’s people worshipped in SO many ways. It’s a long list. They marched. They bowed. They were silent. They stood. They sat. They gave gifts. Remember David? He’s one example of how we worship when we’re grateful to God: (Read 2 Samuel 6:14-16). Did you hear that? The Bible says that David “danced with ALL OF HIS MIGHT.”
            • This leads to one our KEY POINT- God’s people worshipped Him with their bodies in so many ways.

            What else does the Bible say about worship?

            Look these scriptures up and see what else the Bible says about worship. If you're really up for something you'd like to share with the group on Sunday, pick one of the verses to teach everyone by physically acting the verse out yourself. Go for it!

            Exodus 15:1

            Exodus 15:20-21

            2 Samuel 6:14

            1 Chronicles 23:30

            Psalm 47:1

            Psalm 134:2

            Matthew 26:30

            Philippians 2:10

            Colossians 3:14-16

            1 Timothy 2:8

            Worship Time

            This is your time to just stop and sing to Jesus with your family. You can play a favorite worship song on your instrument or stream it and sing along. This is a time for you and your family to enjoy Jesus and meet him through song. Here's one that's been going through my (Andrea's) heart this week.

            Reckless Love (Official Lyric Video)

            Quiet time - just you and Jesus

            We can worship Jesus just by quietly listening to him and talking to him.

            What does this look like? The purpose is to take a few minutes of silence and allow yourself to just connect with Jesus and let Him speak. It’s a time to practice being in His presence, to slow down, practice hearing His voice and experience/feeling His presence. A good way to process what Jesus is saying is to journal.

            We’re going to take just a few minutes and sit quietly with Jesus. Our lives are full of so much noise and activity that sometimes it’s nice to just stop and listen for Jesus. Close your eyes and picture yourself with Jesus. Maybe picture you and Jesus by a lake, or sitting together on a rock, or curb, or in a flower patch. If you don’t have a picture, ask Jesus for one and he will show you! When we picture ourselves with Jesus in some way it helps our mind to focus on him instead of the other places our mind goes to like I’m hungry, I want to go home, I can’t wait to play with my friends later, or I love pizza and unicorns! Settle in with Jesus and talk with him. He loves to hear from you and it’s the best part of his day to be with you in this way. Tell him your thoughts, your fears, your worries, your dreams, hopes….just like a best friend….he wants to hear it all. Sometimes you will feel Jesus in different ways. Maybe he gives you his thoughts on something like someone just put in your brain what they think…that’s Jesus. You may feel His peace like a warm heavy blanket was just put on you. Maybe you have a picture come to your mind. We all experience Jesus in different ways.

            You can write anything that God shows you, or anything you want to tell God, in a journal!


            Communion is the family meal where we get together and remember that Jesus is our forever Passover lamb. Like the Israelites in the Old Testament, who lived because of the shed blood of the lamb on their doorpost, we live forever with Jesus because of his finished work on the cross.

            Read 1 Corinthians 11:23-26, and then take the elements (usually a cracker and juice, but do whatever works!) with your family. Do this in memory of the Jesus who’s paid the greatest price for you, his greatest treasure.

            Pray for each other

                  • As a family, check in with each other, what’s Jesus saying?
                  • Talk about how to practically apply worshiping God this week (taking some quiet moments with God, going on a walk and recognizing His creation, reading the Bible, prayer). Maybe we can encourage each other in making our lives “prayer talks” with God everywhere we go.
                  • Ask your family for any prayer requests that they have and pray for those.

                  Get in Touch!

                  We miss you all and would love to hear from you by phone or email.