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Welcome to World Culture! We are excited to share updates and information regarding what your child is learning in class. We meet two times per week for thirty minutes, where we study cultures from across the globe! Our Culture Wheel is a great visual tool that the students can use to learn various cultural aspects.
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Course Description

World Culture provides students with authentic learning experiences centered around global awareness. Exploration of diverse cultures through literature, art, music, food, and language provide the base of instruction, while ultimately encouraging discussions and thoughtful reflection about how we perceive similarities and differences between cultures. This course prepares students to engage with others in a culturally responsive manner and help them to understand their role and responsibility in a diverse world.

HSSD World Culture Vision

“I think about how I want others to see me and how I see the world. I recognize and embrace differences.”

Conversation Starters

  • What are some special traditions your family has?
  • If you could go anywhere in the world, where would you go?
  • Why do you think differences are important?


During the month of February we continued our study of Africa. Older grades focused on the study of an African animal. Students chose an animal, researched the animal, and created a Google Slide presentation highlighting animal facts that were uncovered in their research. We also studied the country of Somalia, where we learned about refugees.

Younger grades focused on the hijab (a head covering worn in public by some Muslim women). We have been working hard to identify how groups of people are alike and different. One difference, of course, is that different cultures wear different clothing!

Next stop, Laos! We can't wait to begin our next country in Asia.
We used Pebble Go to gather information on the African animal of our choice!


Jambo! (Hello in Swahili) During the month of January, we explored the country of Kenya! Second, third and fourth graders played a Kenyan board game called Shisima. Students moved their game pieces (impalavali -water bugs) into a line of three in order to win the game against their partner. We spent time discussing the Kenyan flag, Kenyan animals, and Kenyan stories and traditions. We spent lots of time referring back to the culture wheel and identifying how the 9 cultural components relate to Kenya. Ask you child what they loved best learning about Kenya!
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This month we are focusing on Brazil. We have covered the country's love for soccer and have explored the beautiful Amazon Rainforest. Additionally, we spent some time researching the magnificent Iguazu Falls. Did you know that the Iguazu Falls are twice as wide and almost twice as tall as the Niagara Falls? Amazing! As the month progresses, we will continue studying Brazilian food and music.


Brr! This month we continue learning about sunny Mexico. Students are super excited to learn more about music, dance, the Spanish language, and the history of the Mexican flag! Students play games, make crafts, and read books! We also learned about cognates, words that look similar and mean the same thing in two languages. Next stop: Brazil!

Note: See below for some fun books that we explored in class!


Our studies led us to indigenous people of North America. We explored similarities and differences between tribes. The kids enjoyed seeing traditional dancing and clothing along with some native language and creation stories. At the end of the month we transitioned to Central America, and began our study of Mexico during the week of Dia de los Muertos. Dia de los Muertos is a Mexican holiday when Mexican people celebrate loved ones that have passed. Ask your child if they enjoyed their Mexican treat!

Note: See below for a book that we explored in class!


This month we spent time learning about where we are in the world. We thought about our own culture at school, at home, and within our community. We noticed that each of us share many similarities and differences, even among the people we spend time with every day!

Note: See below for some books that we explored in class!

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Seven Continents Song

World Culture Teachers

Jennifer Allen, Suamico Elementary

BS Agriculture, Conservation and Biology

BS Education, ESL/Bilingual/Bicultural Emphasis

US Peace Corps, Panama

Taryn Smith, Bay Harbor

BS Education and Spanish

MSE Teaching & Learning, ESL/Bilingual/Bicultural Emphasis

Kelly Mateos, Forest Glen

BS Education and Spanish

MSE Teaching & Learning, ESL/Bilingual/Bicultural Emphasis

Magdalena Sander, Meadowbrook

BA History, German, Modern European Studies

MSE Teaching & Learning, ESL/Bilingual/Bicultural Emphasis

Marie Sumnicht, Howard

BS Education (Valparaiso University); French minor

Reading Interventionist (316 license)