Naturalization process

By Chelsea box

What is the naturalization process?

The naturalization process is the act of a foreign citizen seeking to enter into a new area for living. They must go through an application and approval before they can call themselves a US citizen. Unless they were born on US soil or if one of their two parents was a US citizen would they legally be allowed to be a US citizen without the application process.

Why would they leave there home land?

Some other countries do not give the same or as many rights as america does. We have freedom of religion which most other countries do not have. In other places you are shunned for your beliefs because they are wrong. Work seems to be the real motivation for foreigners to come to the US because where they are from they do not have as much work opportunity's as America does. Education is why some come to the US because they want to learn more and they want to be able to be somebody one day. Students can get through the transferring process faster if they have a special skill such as in art, math, or science.

Freedom of religion, and Pursuit to happiness

But In America You are free.