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10/5/2015 Faculty/Staff News By: Bonnie Hall, Principal

October Teaches Us God's Paths

Well, hello, October with your cool crisp air and God's Fall Symphony about to begin. Cue the trees' leaves for the orchestra to commence, all by His hand! Prepare for the bright reds, vivid yellows, golden browns...my favorite time of the year. Before God puts everything to sleep for the Winter, He certainly blesses us with Nature's Song. As He continues to teach us His paths, be sure to take a walk or drive and see His glory all around.

Prayer Around The Water Cooler Resumes

We welcome October with Prayer Around the Water Cooler Thursday morning. All are welcome to join us for 15 minutes. I'll bring Munster Donuts. :>)

Frankfest Makes a $2,525.13 Profit

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Thank YOU!

We did it! Cha Ching! Woot! Woot! Thank you all so much for your time and hard work.
Happy Fall! This week's quotes and articles come from The New York Times, Educational Leadership (more next week), The Chronicle of Higher Education, Communiqué, ASCA School Counselor, The Reading Teacher (more next week), the Center for Cost-Benefit Analysis, and two online curriculum resources. Here are the headlines:

- When educators act in ways that foster student misbehavior

- Emotional health and self-renewal in classrooms

- Teachers being clear about task, purpose, and criteria for success

- A school connects with disconnected students

- SMART goals in action

- Steps for improving the teaching of writing

- The wisdom of Yogi Berra

- Assessing the value of social-emotional learning

- Videos on how the brain works

- A suicide prevention curriculum

South Cook's Catalog of Classes

Video: So God Made a Teacher

So God Made a Teacher