Bald Cypress Swamp

By: Alycia, Hannah

Native Plants & Animals:


- Winterberry

- Swamp Azalea

- Sweet Pepperbush


- Wading birds

- Songbirds

- Owls

Non-Native Plants & Animals:

- Catchfly Cutgrass

- Red Bay

- Southern Twayblade

Human Impact on the Ecosystem:

- Cutting down trees for furniture

- Water is a coffee color because of acidic runoff

Ecosystem Services:

- Snakes, turtles, birds, & other animals rely on bald cypress swamp for habitat and water

- Herbaceous plants are tolerant of musk soils & fluctuating water levels

Present Protection of Conservation Laws:

- Protected in 1957

Additional information..

- Depending on latitude & longitude, some trees are more than 1700 years old