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  • End of 1st Semester January 14th
  • NO SCHOOL, Martin Luther King Day: January 17th
  • Grades Due: January 20th

Cold Weather-Alternative Methods of Instruction Days

Hello Team KCPS,

With colder weather arriving, we have been planning for the potential of snow/inclement weather days and Alternative Methods of Instruction (AMI) days for the upcoming winter season in KCPS. With this, we wanted to communicate how we will conduct any upcoming snow day plans.

We have three options for inclement weather this year.

    1. Snow Day: One option is to have a good old fashioned snow day in which we call off school due to inclement weather. This will be a no school day for students and no work day for most staff. It will be called a “snow day.”
    2. AMI Snow Day: A second option is to have our Alternative Methods of Instruction (AMI) snow day in which we teach and work from home, with students participating in Synchronous (live, with the teacher via video conferencing) learning.
    3. Emergency Day: The third option is an emergency day. This is when weather is so extreme that no staff is required to report to work and the day is given by the Superintendent.

The implementation of the possibility of an AMI Snow Day outside of the classroom benefits all of our students. This option will be used when sufficient notice has been provided and we are able to deploy technology to go home with all students ahead of time.

When we have AMI snow days, this will be the outline of the day:

AMI Snow Day Workday:

  • 8:00 – 9:00 am – Planning
  • 9:00 – 12:00 pm
    1. Greeting – Review and summary of the day’s assignments. This will be Synchronous (Live, with the teacher via video conferencing).
    2. Provide students review assignments in each content area.

During the AMI Snow Day Workday:

  • School staff and students will follow the schedule above.
  • 12-month school based staff will be allowed to work from home if they can complete their work tasks from home.
  • Staff other than 12-month will be given direction by the department supervisor (this shall include paraprofessionals, teaching assistants, kitchen staff, etc.
  • 12-month BOE staff may have a delayed start and will be expected to report to work or to use PTO.

Remember, if you are unsure if you report to work on any of these days, please check with your supervisor for clarity.

Alternative Means of Learning Schedule

Please see the following schedule, thank you.
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Distance Learning Schedule

Please see the following schedule, thank you.

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Intervention Thursday "What I Need" W.I.N.

We are set to begin Intervention Thursday, the details are below:

What I Need (WIN)- @ Success at Anderson

Breakfast in cafeteria: 7:20-7:40am.

Dismiss to WIN: 7:45- 8:44am

2nd hour- 8:47-9:25am

3rd hour- 9:2-10:06am

4th hour- 10:09-10:47am

5th hour- 10:50-11:28

6th hour 11:31- 12:49pm

11:31-12:01= HS Lunch

12:19-12:49= MS Lunch. *This still allows for a full 30 min lunch break for teachers.

7th hour- 12:52-1:30pm

8th hour 1:33-2:11pm.

Schedule coming soon:

  • Introduction to the iGAP (Ms. Chakrabarti )- introduce the iGAP & help students start to complete it.

  • Restorative Practices (Mr. Dunlop & Mr. Jones)- Introduce restorative practices/essential elements of dignity?

  • Mindfulness & Empathy-building (Mrs. Dua )- skill building for stress & trauma

  • 1:1 academic conferences & graduation planning (Ms. Koch & Counselor Johnson)- Reviewing individual iREADY data w/ students & helping them understand their own track to graduation/what they need.

  • Student Voice- (Mr. Lee & Dr. Johnson)- a somewhat guided town hall w/admin to help brainstorm ideas for a student advisory committee & how students can be impactful & use their voice to help with attendance, academics, incentives & overall school improvement.

We will communicate with students starting Tuesday to prepare them for this transition.

We will have posters with student groups at the assigned locations and personally remind students on Thursday.

Morning announcements will also inform all about this new schedule.

Second semester interventions will include both academic & SEL.

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Please continue to WEAR YOUR MASK CORRECTLY!

Students, for your safety, please make the right decision when you are faced with adversities! You are ALWAYS LOVE!!
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Success Staff

Staff want to remind you that Mask are to be work throughout the building. Administration and support staff will conduct mask check every class hour.

Join the Student District Advisory Council!

Student District Advisory Council is a group of high

school students who serve as the student voice for

KCPS. We need YOU! Volunteer today and get ready

to make your mark in Kansas City education.

Benefits of Serving as a SDAC Member:

• Have a direct impact on improving KCPS for all students

• Gain leadership, public speaking and team-building


• Build a network of supporters and mentors within KCPS

and partner civic organizations

• Earn community service hours

Eligibility Criteria:

• Enrolled in a KCPS high school

• Complete the SDAC application

• Able to join monthly virtual meetings

Learn more:

Device and Schedule Help!

We are here to help!

If your device is sick, call TECH support at 816-418-4357

Schedule help call Counselor Johnson at 816-406-3743.


Consequences for students NOT using academic language:

First Offense: Verbal reminder (document in Tyler)

Second Offense: One-on-one with student during office hours (document in Tyler)

Third Offense: Parent contact (document in Tyler)

Forth Offense: Administrative contact (document in Tyler)

***For incidents involving bullying, danger, threats, etc., Mr. Lee or Dr. Johnson will address immediately.

Community Cares and Shares

Take a look at the NEW Community Cares & Shares to read about current resources in KCMO. You will also find fun and healthy happenings for our KCPS students and families!

Student District Advisory Council (SDAC)

The Kansas City Public Schools Student District Advisory Council (SDAC) is comprised of student ambassadors, in grades 9 – 12, from across the district. These students serve as the student voice of KCPS. The council is lead in a manner that encourages student voice to influence local education with the goal of developing young leaders as educational advocates.

SDAC members engage regularly with the superintendent in conversations related to academic experiences, extracurricular programs, student support services, school culture and discipline, student voice representation, technology, college and career readiness and many other topics. In addition, the council develops and executes projects that address school or community needs.

Students are selected by an application process. Students who aspire to participate will be:

  • Selected via an open application process based on character, academics, community involvement, rationale for joining SDAC, commitment to serve and the unique perspective he/she brings to the organization
  • Expected to serve an eight-month term, beginning in September and concluding in May
  • Expected to participate in monthly meetings
  • Expected to actively contribute and provide input on topics of discussion

SDAC students:

  • Have a direct impact on improving KCPS for all students
  • Gain leadership, public speaking, student advocacy and team-building experience
  • Build a network of supporters and mentors within KCPS and partner civic organizations
  • Earn community service hours

Eligibility Criteria:

  • Enrolled in one of the six KCPS high schools
  • Complete the SDAC application
  • Able to join monthly virtual meetings

Interested in serving on SDAC for your school? Click here to submit your application.

COVID-19 Vaccine Clinics for ages 16 -22 year old

Children's Mercy Hospital Teen COVID-19 Vaccine Clinic for 16-22 year olds

Message from CMH:

COVID-19 Vaccine Clinics for ages 16 -22 year old .

Day and evening appointments available!

The details:

Covid 19 vaccine appointments available!


-Must be 16-22 years old

-To SCHEDULE- Call the Contact Center: 816-234-3700 OR Self schedule on the Children’s Mercy Patient Portal

Families should expect to get a text message a day or two before the clinic with the consent form and pre-visit questionnaire that must be completed

Please click on links below for general information about safety and efficacy the COVID-19 vaccine:

Together, we can end this pandemic in our community.


The Administration staff (Mr. Lee & Dr. Johnson) would like to thank you for your full participation in class and online! The future is NOW, you can DO IT!

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