Pre Primary Tigers

Newsletter May 2016

Dear parents,

Another few weeks have passed in our Tiger Group and the children have been busier than ever! I have to admit that I haven't taken that many pictures of our work; we have been too busy! We have had some big celebrations and lots of other fun activities these past few weeks. We also had to say goodbye to two very loved members of our group: Max Becker, who moved with his family to Darmstadt and Miss Jenna, who moved back to England to be with her family. It has been an adjustment for the children, but we are making the most of the time we have together. We learned that it's okay to be sad sometimes.

Theme: Food of the earth

After our spring break we started with our new theme: food from the earth. This was a wonderful time to learn about fruits and vegetables and how they grow. We also learned about healthy foods and sometimes foods and the children had fun using all of their new ideas in the classroom supermarket. We also took the time to learn about growing in general. What does a plant need to grow? The children were all very involved and came up with their own ideas for play. They made shopping lists, wrote price tags, made diagrams to see which fruit was eaten the most in our class. For the teacher that is a good sign!
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We used everything we learned about seeds and how they grow by sowing seeds ourselves in our pre-primary garden. we sowed and planted radishes, carrots, a pea, a flowering bush and lots of strawberries. Many children got a chance to get those hands dirty.

Theme: Family (Mother- and Father'sDay)

After learning all these wonderful things about how plants grow, it was time to investigate how we 'grow'. The children caught on right away and had some heartwarming things to say about growing up in our families. We discussed how families can have many different shapes and sizes. Some are big, some are small, but one thing they have in common: they love us very much! We talked about how we show that love and appreciation to others. The children helped pick out a song to practice. We sang it at our parent mingle on the 3rd of May. Many of you were there. Thank you for that! The children felt very loved. I know they were very nervous to sing and give you all the gifts we made. That took a lot of concentration on their part.

Europe week

Our last week we learned all about Europe. What is Europe and why is Europe important enough to celebrate? We got to know the flags and landmarks for many European countries. We also made our own flags and explored some of the countries. We learned a little bit about France and Germany. I am impressed with how much they already know and how much they learned about the different countries.
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Other fun events in the Tiger Class

  • To say good bye to Miss Jenna we threw her a big party. The children thought about all the things you need for a party: Balloons, Music, Treats, Gifts, Games and Friends. We had all of those!

  • For World Book Day each classroom decorated to show a favourite Children's book. We chose: The Queens Knickers. The children had great fun thinking of different knickers a Queen could possibly need and then designing them and making them. Our hard work was rewarded when we won first place!

  • We were able to go see the Elementary school talent show, We got front row seats!

  • We also got to see the Europe Day celebration in the gym. There was music and entertainment. The tigers enjoyed the show.

Birthdays in the tiger class

We don't only have parties, really!

Enjoy your holidays

I wish you all a wonderful time. It's been great working with every one in the pre-primary. I hope to see you all back soon!

Our next theme will be medieval times. For this theme we are hoping to set up a dramatic play castle made out of cardboard boxes. If you have any big boxes, we would love to use them!

Thank you for all your help and support,

best wishes,

Miss Erneke and Miss Rona