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October 11, 2021

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Rock Star and Rising Star Librarians

You may notice in this newsletter that there isn't a Rock Star Librarian. This year we decided to highlight both our veteran librarians who are doing awesome things in the library and our newest colleagues who are going great things too. So each month will feature what we are calling a Rising Star Librarian. Our Rising Star Librarian this month is Roberta Doremus and you'll see her piece and the pictures of her newly renovated library below.

If you would like to nominate a Rock Star Librarian or a Rising Star Librarian, please contact Kerrie. Have a fabulous week!

Upcoming Professional Development

General Membership/ Communication Coordinator Meeting

Thursday, Oct. 28th, 8am-3pm

267 Ballard Road

Gansevoort, NY

Providing Support in the School Library - A Workshop for library support staff

Thursday, Dec. 2nd, 8:30am-3pm

267 Ballard Road

Gansevoort, NY

Be on the lookout...

This year we are looking to explore the topics of:

Assisting ELLs in the library

Media Literacy


SLS Resources

Book Groups

SLP Rubric (member plan)

and more!


We will be announcing PD soon for OverDrive Marketplace and Sora. Stay tuned.

There are lots of new ebooks, audiobooks, and read-alongs in Sora.

Spanish Collection -- this always-available collection was updated as of October 1 and has 136 fiction & nonfiction Spanish-translation titles.

Professional Collection for Librarians -- We have so many professional titles now that we created a separate ribbon just for librarians!

Newer Unlimited Access Titles are available for younger readers and older readers.

Please add NY Reads to your Sora account and share!

If you haven't done this yet, do it now. Go into your Sora account and add NY Reads. Then show your teachers and students how to do the same. Once you set it and forget it, you have access to all kinds of always-available, simultaneous access ebooks and audiobooks, from popular to classics, fiction and nonfiction. Choices that only scratch the surface of what is offered include:

Read-alongs: Franklin series, Frog or Toad, Food Around the World, Ana & Andrew series...

Gaming and digital citizenship titles, including Minecraft and Pokemon...

Elementary: Haunted Hospital, The Color Collector, Inspector Flytrap, Iggy Peck Architect, Insignificant Events in the Life of a Cactus, books on countries, food, sports...

YA: Akata Witch, Miss Peregrine Series, It's Kind of a Funny Story, Bone Witch, So You Want to Talk About Race, Pushout, Downstairs Girl, Geekarella, Every Falling Star...

Canon titles/Module titles: Fever 1793, Sold, A Doll's House, Jane Eyre, 1984, Twelve Angry Men, Macbeth, Animal Farm, Temple Grandin, The Crucible...

And so. Much. More.


This OPALS PD Choice Board can answer many of your frequently asked questions about local OPALS catalogs.

Need tutorials on the various parts of Inter-Library Loans, otherwise known as ILLs? Check here. Our union catalog used for ILLs is run by OPALS.

If you need to borrow items from beyond our region, email Karin for help. Karin can show you how to navigate CDLC requests, and place requests beyond the Capital Region for you as well.

SLS Resources

Rosen Spotlight on Civic Action - TRIAL

We currently have a trial of the Rosen Spotlight on Civic Action that will last until December 31, 2021. Access the Spotlight through your Library.FYI page or through using the WSWHE log in.

Professional Book Collection

Dive Into Inquiry

"Want to make learning more meaningful in your classroom? Looking to better prepare your students for the world of tomorrow? Keen to help learners create authentic connections to the world around them?

Bring Dive into Inquiry to your classroom!

Ideal for the middle and high school educator and a must-read for pre service teachers and programs!"

Available on Sora.

Using Primary Sources: Hands-on Instructional Practices

"An ideal resource for cultural heritage professionals who teach with original materials, this book provides fresh, adaptable, and easy-to-implement primary source literacy exercises to improve their teaching and engage their students"

Available through ILL.

WSWHE "RISING STAR" School Librarian

Roberta Doremus - Argyle Central School

My journey to becoming a school librarian was a winding path. I graduated with a BS degree in Health Science and worked in the pharmaceutical sales industry for six years. I traveled much of the same territory that WSWHE covers, marveling at its beauty. However, I longed for less travel and pondered a career change.

In 2005, I started taking classes at SUNY Albany in the MSIS program to become a school librarian while working in the pharmaceutical field. However, marriage and children sidetracked those education plans as I stayed home and raised my children for several years. After my youngest was in elementary school, I returned to the workforce, working side by side with two amazing school librarians in the Shenendehowa district, assisting the technology needs of the school. That position reignited my passion for again pursuing the school librarian degree. With guidance from librarians I worked with, I took the plunge and enrolled in the program, which ultimately led me to my position in Argyle. I will complete the few remaining classes at the SUNY Albany ISSL program this summer 2022.

I love incorporating technology into my lessons because it is more engaging for the students. I enjoy hearing that a lesson was “fun” as the students leave, but I know they have learned valuable lessons. Lately, I have been utilizing Jeopardy-style questions as well as digital escape rooms to hammer home instruction. I love that the school librarian field is constantly changing and growing, and there is always something new to learn.

Currently, I am excited about revamping the library space to create a warm environment and weeding outdated books, curating a vibrant collection that students and staff can enjoy. The school board and administration approved and replaced the library carpet, giving it a fresh, clean feel, supporting the library renewal process. The positive buzz throughout the building about it has been very encouraging.

School Library System Staff

Kerrie Burch, Coordinator for School Library Systems

Karin Howansky, School Library Media Specialist

Amy Brennan-Strack, Databases, Budgets, General Information

Deb Massa, Information Processing Specialist