Principal's Corner #8

October 4, 2019

Thank you for your commitment this school year. It has been a busy start to the school year and I know all of our plates are full. Regardless, you continue to meet our students needs. With that being said, please take this fall break to enjoy your family and friends. I encourage you to turn work off and be present with those that matter the most in your lives. You deserve it. When we come back, we enter into a busy time of year with report cards and conferences; so you need time to relax and take care of you! Take the time.

Much Appreciated,


Our staff can really ROAR

  • To Sarah Campbell, the art projects that have magically appeared in the hallways recently are beautiful and varied! It's obvious that the students are being exposed to mixed media, allowed creative freedom and stretching their brains. It's refreshing to see what Dawn is working on with our students!



  • To 4th grade for their work with Lois. Your work around identifying essential standards and mapping out the year with those in mind will benefit our students. Keep up the great work.
  • To Brooke Hall for her transparency. You are doing amazing things for your students.
  • To Sarah and Kameron for flexing with IOWA testing. Technology is a wonderful thing...when it works!
  • To Kelli and Jennifer for recognizing a student was on top of the shed and taking action. You can't make this stuff up! Thank you for your attention and keeping our students safe.
  • To all Dana, Chris, Thessica, Lori, Stacey, Melissa, and Joan for working collaboratively to cover all lunches and recesses. It takes a team!
  • To everyone who showed up at the Carnival on Friday. The weather was beautiful and we had a great turn out. Thanks for supporting our PTO and our school.

Katie Johnson

Progress Report Reminder

Click here to access prior Principal's Corner containing progress report information.

On Thursday, the 10th we will be sending a weather balloon to near space. The Balloon will carry a payload of cameras and instruments to measure altitude, temperature, speed and air quality along with student experiments. Below is the link to track the balloon real time the day of the launch. We will launch at 8:30 from the ball field so plan to assemble your class out there after attendance around 8:15. If all goes according to plan the balloon will be up and out of site in 5-10 minutes.

Sarah and I will “chase and recover” the balloon when it lands after about a 2hour flight to the east. I do have room in my car for two more if you’re interested in coming along. Let me know.

See me if you have any questions.


I request that all classes be out there for the balloon launch! 5th Grade Specials, please bring our 5th graders out. Thank you! ~Katie

Exceptional Volunteer Nominations

Each year, this award recognizes volunteers of the Cherry Creek School District for their dedication to our students, faculty and community. If you would like to nominate someone, please complete this form by Monday, October 21st.


Don't forget to input your conference sign up into this spreadsheet.


Included is also a possible professional practice goal (PPG); I encourage you to review your self evaluation and determine a PPG that works for you and your growth as an educator.

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Monday, October 7: Katie out all day

Tuesday, October 8: Katie out all day

Wednesday, October 9: Shelter in Place Drill 9:15

Wednesday, October 9: PAC

Thursday, October 10: Balloon Launch AM - more information to come

Thursday, October 10: Picture ReTakes


Thursday, October 10: 3:41 Debriefing Peakview Brewing Company

Thursday, October 10: 6:00 COT PASS Meeting

Friday, October 11: Kids Caring Cart - Orange Paw Challenge Winners

Monday, October 14-18: FALL BREAK

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