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April 3, 2019

Lets Spring Into The New Season

Did we get you with any of those April Fool's stories? There is no way I would have let Carlos take over... Anywho, trust me, these stories are all real, no fake-news here. Seasons are changing. As we enter the season of renewal and life, I give you all the refreshed power to better those grades before finals.

With the first few days of AzMerit English and AIMS Science over, relax a bit with this Newsletter.

-Lauren Mitchell, Editor-In-Chief

By: Charisma Brown

On the night of March 16, 2019, an incident broke out between the Glendale Police and some teens at an all-night skating event at Great Skate. Sources say everything was fine until some boys started arguing. After the boys started arguing, they began to fight. That’s when the Glendale Police were called.

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By: Robert Reilly

The 26-year-old Jacques Berman Webster, also known as Travis Scott and La Flame, had a few other albums that are considered ‘good’. But last and this year, “Astroworld” has been top of the charts, and even number 1, according to Billboard 200 Chart.

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By: Ivy Stanley

With summer right around the corner, I’m sure we’re all ready to swim, especially since we live in this oven of a state. But have you ever noticed that after you swim in a public pool or at a water park your vision is a little cloudy and your eyes sting a bit? That’s caused by cyanogen chloride and trichloramine. Both are proven to irritate eyes and lungs, and both are caused by mixing chlorine with sweat and pee and every other gross thing people bring in the water with them.

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By: Kaylie Langtry

The Nike Chandler Rotary was one for the books. The AFHS Track and Field team brought home more than 20 medals. The Owls not only brought home many medals, but they also had multiple athletes and events qualify for state.

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Help Out Your Fellow Owl!

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Help Mia reach her goal!

As a three-sport athlete with high-level courses and lots of community service, Mia Oquita is a junior here at Agua Fria and she needs YOUR help! She was accepted to a prestigious, 6-week summer program at Oxford University. Mia has sold chocolates all year to fundraise on her own, but she is still short of the money she needs to go. Please visit her GoFundMe page and consider donating $5, $10, $25, or whatever you can to support Mia.

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