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August 1-5, 2022


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To inspire all scholars to become inquisitive thinkers, who confidently and respectfully embrace the global challenges of the future.


Jose H. Damian Elementary will nurture our scholars so that they are healthy, feel safe, are engaged, feel supported, and are challenged through culturally responsive teaching and learning.

We have gotten off to a great start! We have some challenges still, particularly with staffing, but I hope that we can get all positions filled soon! We are looking to hire, one Dual Language Kinder teacher, one Resource Teacher, 2 Dual Language 5th grade teachers, one Dual Language 4th grade teacher, and if HR approves soon, one Dual Language 2nd grade teacher, and one 3rd grade monolingual teacher.

The past two weeks have been fast and furious, full of learning, and reconnecting. I am appreciative of the way you have been receptive to the new year and what it will look like. Please know that every decision and adjustment has been made with faculty, staff, and students in mind. I am always welcome to your ideas and input, and so is the leadership team.

The goal this year is to be intentional and creating those heart prints on each other and our students so that we can ALL grow. As educators, we should never stop learning, and learning from each other is the best kind of lesson. I truly and wholeheartedly consider each of you a family and I am here to serve you. As I have said before, my door is always open (figuratively and literally), unless I'm in a meeting, in which case I will get back to you.

The new systems, such as the 90 minute PLC and two intervention blocks, have been created so that we can be INTENTIONAL (there's that word again) about our planning and really take a look at our data so our students grow every step of the way during the 2022-2023 school year. It will take ALL HANDS ON DECK to get our students to where they need to be to be ready for the next grade level and beyond.

I ask for your cooperation and patience as we try our schedules, especially the PLC schedule. Just to clarify, we will not have a different schedule every week, except for Tuesdays. I suggest you put the schedule on your wall somewhere so the students also become familiar with the rotation.

A quick note about social media: Please help me showcase the wonderful things happening at JDE. I have seen amazing activities and innovative work in your classrooms. Why not tell the world??? I ask that you tweet, facebook, and dojo at least 2 classroom activities per month. If you will post student faces, please make sure they have a photo release and that parent is aware. Please remember to tag Jose H. Damian Elementary on Twitter and Facebook so that we can all see the posts and we can share, share, share! I appreciate your support and collaboration with this. The hashtags we will use this year include: #Firebirds #OurFirebirdsDeserveIt #EducatingWithHeart #WithHeart #Heartprints.

I have created a PhotoCircle Account for JDE so that you can dump your photos of classroom activities and activities around the school in there. Ms. Vazquez has graciously accepted to take on our yearbook so this will help her as she makes photo selections too. Please join with the QR code below.

Let's have a productive year, FIREBIRD FAMILY!!! No one is more ready than we are!!!!!

Photo Circle JDE Account

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We have to allow parents to come in to walk their child to their classrooms and help with their supplies. I was only going to allow PreK and Kinder but we have to extend this to other grade levels. I ask for your help monitoring and guiding students at strategic points in the school. Teachers will welcome students by their doors at 7:30.

Coach Coronado - By the Coach's office (library roundabout)

Coach Olivas - 2nd and 3rd Grade Hallway

Ms. Aramburu - 200 hallway

Ms. Fernandez - Kinder Foyer

Ms. Plaza - Drop off zones

Ms. Davila - Start at drop off & help walk kids that were dropped off and don't know where to go

Ms. Anchieta - Drop off zones

Ms. Harrison - Front foyer

Dr. Kerney - First Grade Hallway between 1st grade classrooms and library

Mr. Almeida - 4th and 5th grade hallway

Ms. Ramey - around the library

Ms. Magdalena Rodriguez - Front doors

Dr. Lee - floater where needed, Start at drop off and help walk kids that were dropped off and don't know where to go

It's all hands on deck, TEAM!!! #FirebirdStrong #FirebirdsDeserveIt #WeCanDoThis

JDE Welcomes...

Please help me welcome

- Ms. Lennox, PreKinder Aide in Ms. Zamarripa's classroom

- Ms. Graham, Music Teacher

- Ms. Urquidi, 4th Grade Monolingual Teacher

- Ms. Beatriz Montes, SPED Aide in Ms. De Luna-Ochoa's class

- Ms. Fierro has accepted the position of Science Lab Aide

And of course Ms. Plaza, our new Assistant Principal and Ms. Davila, our new Instructional Coach.

Welcome to the JDE Family and to your new position!


This year, our "You're On Fire Award" will be awarded by each other. We will have a traveling trophy which will be given from staff member to staff member. We will ask a random person to nominate a colleague at the beginning, then that person will nominate the following week, and that person will nominate the following week, and so on until the end of the school year.

Please nominate the first person to receive the award and place their name in the nomination container in the front office. We will draw from there and will notify the person. Let's make it fun! If you are awarded the trophy for the week, as you give it to someone else the following week, take a picture or video of you handing over the trophy and tell us why so that we can showcase the team member.

Celebrating and recognizing each other is part of leaving #HEARTPRINTS.


Please help me celebrate...


AnaElisa Lee, July 4

Rodolfo Gonzalez, July 8

Irma Andujo, July 10

April Matoi, July 20

Chelsea Anchieta, July 25

Alma Fraire, July 26

Jessica Hernandez, July 31


Sonia Romo, Aug. 3

Anilu Luna, Aug. 9

Beatriz Montes, Aug. 10

Gisela Gracia-Frias, Aug. 11

Martha Barraza, Aug. 18

Myla Dayrit, Aug. 19

Priscilla Loya, Aug. 20

*If you have a birthday coming up in May or June and it was not listed, please let me know so I can add it.

Important Reminders...

We will continue with the same procedures as last year. Please be sure to clock in and out every day at your specified start and stop time. If you are an hourly employee, please refrain from accumulating unauthorized compensatory time. You MUST request permission from administration to do so first.

  • PLEASE REMEMBER to swipe in when you come in the building and out when you leave. It is important that you complete this process to avoid having to do corrections to your time and discrepancies in your pay.
  • Teacher duty times are 7:30-3:30.
  • After school tutoring is 3:30-4:30.
  • If you are tutoring. Please clock out at 3:30 and back in with the different function code.
  • Faculty meetings and committee meetings are after school. Please make arrangements to attend.
  • If you will be absent, please let Administration and Mary Garcia know as soon as you know you will be absent.
  • If you require a substitute, please request one as soon as you know you will be absent to increase the likelihood of someone picking up the assignment.
  • Emergency hours are for emergencies only. A previously scheduled doctor's appointment is not an emergency. Please request a sub as soon as you schedule a doctor's appointment.
  • If you are providing HB4545 hours, please log in the times in a timely fashion so we can determine which students are almost done with their hours.

PLC Tuesday

Week A

Remember that for PLC, you must bring the high leverage low TEKS for your grade level. Be prepared to model a strategy for your colleagues so that we can implement in other classrooms and put it in our lesson plans. EVERYONE must participate and BE PREPARED!

Obviously, this week we will plan for Unit 1 in all subjects. Since we are following the YAG, these will differ at some point. I will add these here just so we're on the same page.

Grade Level Meeting Rooms

PLC Room: 4th, 3rd, PK, 1st

Instructional Coach's Office: 5th, 2nd, Kinder


PK - Plaza

K - Davila

1st - Plaza

2nd - Davila, Plaza

3rd - Lee

4th - Plaza

5th - Davila, Lee

Please refer to the PLC schedule. If you are confused about how this will work, please get clarification from admin or Ms. Davila BEFORE Tuesday. Covering for Week A is as follows:
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If you have not signed up for a committee, please take the time to do that this week.


Please complete your self-assessment, set a professional and an academic goal, and your SLO. If you have any questions, or need assistance, please let me know. The SLO can be by grade level or for your class. Please talk to your team.

August 2022 Calendar

August 1-21 - Set up and practice rituals and routines. Practice with your students. These skills need explicit instruction.

August 2 - PLC Plan Week 2 (WEEK A)

August 3 - PD Wednesday @ 3:30 in the Cafeteria

Walk with the principal/Coffee with the principal

August 4 - PBIS Rotations

August 9 - PLC Plan Week 3 (WEEK B)

August 10 - Attendance Committee

August 12 - Data Dialogue during Prep (Bring Current Student Assessment data)

Discipline Plan Due to Ms. Plaza

Deadline to sign up for a committee

August 16 - PLC Plan Week 4 (WEEK C)

August 17 - PBIS/Discipline/SEL Committee Meeting

August 18 - Guided Reading Training K-2 AM, 3-5 PM

At-Risk teachers off campus

August 19 - Movie Night PK-2

Emergency Sub Plans Due

August 22 - PLC Plan Week 5 (WEEK D)

August 24 - Safety/Crisis Team Committee Meeting @ 3:30

August 26 - Data Dialogue during Prep (Bring Current Student Assessment Data)

Movie Night 3-5th

August 30 - PLC Plan Week 6 (WEEK E)

August 31 - TTESS Self-Assessment, Goals and SLO Due!

Covid Testing

We have resumed rapid testing on campus for students. All staff will test at the Lone Star Building. The letter below explains how to register prior to testing.

FOR FACULTY AND STAFF ONLY: Please use the 2 links below to report your positive diagnosis after notifying Dr. Lee.

The links are on the Canutillo ISD website. One is to report your positive results to the district and subsequently receive guidance from Dr. Fuentes. The other link is to report to the City of El Paso. You must fill out both links.

Please complete the form below on your 5th day of isolation in order to receive clearance to return to work from Human Resources

Enjoy your summer!

This year was challenging! You have worked hard and now you deserve a break. Enjoy your time off, recharge, and spend time with people you love!!!!!!!!!! I will see some of you for summer school. If you are not working in the summer, I will see you next school year.

Please reach out if you need anything during your break.

The 7 Stages of Summer Break For Teachers