The Grzeskowiak Gazette

February 5, 2018

Second Grade Happenings

Happy Monday! I hope everyone had a nice weekend. What a great game last night! I have to say I was not disappointed to see the Patriots lose a close one like that. I guess its the true Colts fan in me:)! We have a full week of learning and fun together in Room 5. It's hard to believe that we are starting the second month of 2018, time really flies when you are having fun. Next Wednesday is our class Valentine's Day party. Our party will begin at 1:30. Thank you to Mrs. Bennett and Mrs. Frutiger for planning, what I am sure will be, another fun afternoon. I will send a class list, so you have everyone's names for Valentine's Day cards. Please remember, we are no longer allowed to attach any candy to our cards. Pencils, erasers, or notes are great replacements for candy.

I shared with the class that I will be out of the building, away on personal business Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday this week. We have had conversations about behavior and expectations while I am away. Please help in giving reminders about behavior while at school, and especially while there is a substitute in the class. Mrs. Vits will be here in my absence, and I know the class is looking forward to spending a few days with her! I will have limited access to email, so please do not hesitate to email me if you need anything. (I just may not be able to answer right away)!

As a reminder, we will have outdoor recess as long as the windchill is above 20 degrees. Please be sure your child has hats, gloves, and a warm coat on these cold days. Have a wonderful week!

Looking to next week..

In Room 5 this week...

Math- This week we will begin Chapter 6, Whole Number Operations, and Number Stories. Today we worked on reading and analyzing graphs. I always think this is a fun activity for students to read and make their own picture graphs! As we move through the week, we will dive into comparison number stories, and using different diagrams to solve to number stories.

Writing- During our writing block this week, we will continue to write letters about our favorite book. We will learn how to make our writing, longer, stronger, and more interesting to our readers, by adding details, and choosing a particular audience for our writing. Today our focus was on revising letters, and making them perfect to send to a friend. I love the way these letters have shaped up, and look forward to hanging them in the class for others to read. I shared with the class the objective is for someone to read their letter, and then want to read their book.

Reading- Today we began Unit 6~Better Together. our new Big Question for the next few weeks is "Why do People Work Together?" We had some great conversations about why people work together, and what comes from people working together. Our shared reading stories this week are The Brother Who Gave Rice, and Domino Soup. Both stories have greatlessons to learn about the great things that happen when people work together to reach a goal. In grammar, we will be focusing on pronouns.

Spelling- The following words are our words for this week. Our words will be from 6.1, and will focus on words with ar. The following words are the words for this week:





















For your calendar...

Happenings at SRE....

January 16th-February 17th- NWEA/MAP Testing window

February 2nd- Smoky Row Spirit Day

February 9th- General PTO Meeting-9:00am

February 14th- Valentine's Day Parties- 1:30

February 15th- Science Fair- Cafeteria

February 19th- President's Day~ No School