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Tony Arterburn: Becoming A Community Leader

Becoming a community leader takes time, dedication, and hard work. Not everyone is cut out to be a leader in their community, but there are obvious traits that all innovators encompass. Tony Arterburn is recognized as a distinguished and influential leader around his community. Tony Arterburn is a seasoned Army veteran, radio talk show host, professional speaker, and candidate for the U.S. House of Representatives. Although being a highly recognized individual comes with great responsibility, Tony Arterburn is up for the challenge. Tony Arterburn uses his influence to fight for causes that he is passionate about. Here Tony Arterburn highlights some of the traits that he believes that all community leaders should encompass.

  • Do you reflect your community? Tony Arterburn notes that all leaders should reflect the characteristics of their followers. Community leaders serve as the voice of their city, so it is important that they understand what matters most to their neighbors. Tony Arterburn states this does not mean that you need to be identical to those in their community, but what matters to your neighbors should matter to you as well.
  • Do you care about your community as a whole? Tony Arterburn notes that many leaders become engulfed in personal motives. It is important to stay on track and work towards the collective interests of your community. Tony Arterburn believes the best leaders will put their personal interests aside, and be the voice for the masses.
  • Was your identity created? Tony Arterburn believes that true leaders will not wait for the opportunity to step up into a leadership role. Instead they create the opportunity to step up on behalf of a group.
  • Can you turn visions into reality? Tony Arterburn notes that it important that leaders serve as innovators. It is crucial that you can turn your words into reality for your community.

Tony Arterburn: Is The Military Right for You?

Deciding to join the military is one of the biggest decisions that a person can make in their life—and it is not for everyone. Tony Arterburn is an Army veteran who served as a Military Policeman and Paratrooper in Kosovo, Iraq, and Afghanistan. Although Tony Arterburn had a successful and fulfilling military career, he believes that a career in the armed forces is not the right path for everybody. There are various risks and benefits that individuals must consider before enlisting. Here Tony Arterburn offers insight to those interested in joining the armed forces to help them answer the question, “Is the military right for me?”

  • Benefits. Tony Arterburn notes that there are various benefits to joining the military including a steady income, job advancement, paid vacation, training, health care, life insurance, allowances, tax advantages, and tuition assistance. Additionally, individuals serving in the military will have commissary privileges and the opportunity to travel. Although these benefits may seem appealing, you should never enlist just to receive these privileges. Tony Arterburn notes that serving in the military is a life commitment that should be backed by the passion to serve.
  • Requirements. Tony Arterburn notes there is various minimum requirements applicants must meet for joining the military. Tony Arterburn notes that all military personnel must be a U.S. citizen or resident alien that are at least 17 years of age. Additionally, applicants will need a high school diploma (with very few exceptions). Tony Arterburn states that everyone must go through an extensive physical medical exam and pass the ASVAB test.
  • Different branches. Tony Arterburn notes that it is important to establish which branch you would like to join because each one has different requirements. The various branches include the Air Force, Army, National Guard, Coast Guard, Marines, and Navy. Once you have selected a branch, it is important to research what the minimum requirements are for that specific division.

The Importance of High School Athletics: Tony Arterburn

High school athletics can help positively shape the character of thriving young students. Although it may seem like high school athletics are simply leisure activities for students to enjoy, they can help open the doors to various opportunities for teenagers going into adulthood. Tony Arterburn was a leading high school athlete who competed in Powerlifting. When Tony Arterburn first started the sport, he would have never believed that he would go on the earn State, National, and World Titles. Tony Arterburn became the first teenager in history to bench press over 510lbs in his weight class, which earned him two World Records. Tony Arterburn believes that his experience with athletics in high school helped shape him into the man who he is today. Here Tony Arterburn highlights some of the top reasons why students should engage in athletics while in school.

  • Bonding and encouragement. Tony Arterburn states that participating in high school athletics will allow students to bond with their teammates. Additionally, students will have the opportunity to increase bonding with their parents. Tony Arterburn states that parents will have the ability to assist with the development of their child’s skills, and they will also be able to come to games to cheer them on. Athletics can be a positive experience that will allow teenagers’ relationships to flourish.
  • Moral and support. Tony Arterburn believes that high school sports enable entire schools to come together whether it is through playing, observing, or cheering. Participating in athletics will allow students to meet new friends. Additionally, sports serve as a great distraction from the stressors of school. When students replace the negative perceptions of academics with school pride, their test scores and grades will generally increase.
  • Health. Tony Arterburn states that the most obvious benefit to athletics is health. Participating in high school sports will engage teenagers in a healthy exercise program that helps them release anger when academics get overwhelming.

Becoming An Activist: Tony Arterburn

Everyone has a cause that they are passionate about, but many do not act on these emotions. It is important to let your voice be heard, because if you do not speak out there is a chance that no one else will either. Tony Arterburn is a highly distinguished activist for veterans’ rights, and he believes that it is important to always stand up for causes that you believe in. Tony Arterburn is a veteran of the armed forces and has personally struggled with combat stress and trauma. Over the years, Tony Arterburn has been passionately committed to helping our veterans get the care they deserve while also speaking out about the dangers of unconstitutional wars and police actions. Here Tony Arterburn offers tips on how you can become an effective activist for a cause that is important to you.

· Look for something that upsets you. Although this seems like a strange tip, Tony Arterburn notes that it is important to feel passionate about whatever you are fighting for. By establishing something that makes you mad, you will be able to select a cause that you are intense and emotional about. For example, Tony Arterburn notes that he was unsettled that veterans were not receiving the care they deserved, so he went into action.

· Learn the issue. Tony Arterburn notes that once you have established the cause you would like to fight for, it is important to learn the issue. You have the passion, but it is important to back it with facts. Tony Arterburn states that it is important to figure out what the key issues are because knowledge is power during activism.

Team up. Tony Arterburn states that you should search for people with similar passions and team up. This will help you gain support and further your ideas! Talk to your friends or other people around your community about the cause to gauge their interest.

Important Ethical Principles: Tony Arterburn

Ethics are important principles that can be utilized in almost any area of your life. It is important to establish your personal ethics to ensure that your decision-making processes are in agreement with your values and goals. Tony Arterburn is a community leader in Rockwall, Texas who is an advocate for ethical practices. As a veteran of the armed forces, Tony Arterburn has established strong personal ethics that he has carried with him throughout his life.

Tony Arterburn has developed the reputation of being a strong Christian man who is a supporter of the rights of the unborn and traditional values. Recently, Tony Arterburn was nominated as a candidate for the U.S. House of Representatives. As Tony Arterburn runs for Congress, he is aware that he will be faced with various situations that could test his ethics, but he is a firm believer in always staying true to your values. Here Tony Arterburn highlights some of the most important ethical principles that he instills in his own life.

· Honesty. Tony Arterburn notes that he always strives for honesty. It is important to never fabricate, falsify, or misinterpret information or else people will deem you as a not credible source. Tony Arterburn believes that everyone should make an effort to be honest in all forms of communication.

· Objectivity. Tony Arterburn states that it is equally important to remain unbiased. Although it is easy to struggle with self-deception, Tony Arterburn believes that remaining unbiased will ensure that you are recognized as a fair and just individual. This will also help gain trust and respect amongst your colleagues and/or the public.

Integrity. Tony Arterburn believes that a major part of integrity is keeping your promises and agreements. If you say you are going to do something, then do it. Never make a commitment that you cannot comply with.

Organizing Successful Fundraisers: Tony Arterburn

Oftentimes people want to partake on a new venture, but they lack the resources. So now what? Fundraising is usually the go-to answer when needing quick funds for a new project; however, organizing a successful fundraising event can be exceedingly difficult. These events require careful planning, and many of them fail due to lack of preparation.

Tony Arterburn is a distinguished leader in his community in Texas, and was recently nominated as a candidate for the U.S. House of Representatives. Before accepting to run for Congress, Tony Arterburn was aware of the long campaign journey ahead. A major part of Tony Arterburn’s campaign process is fundraising, and he is holding his first event called the Liberty Launch on September 7th. Tony Arterburn believes that successful fundraising is complicated, but his team has worked tirelessly to ensure success. Here Tony Arterburn offers some of the top fundraising tips he using during his own campaign.

· Purpose. Tony Arterburn notes that before launching any fundraising event it is important to first establish your purpose. Although most events are held to raise money, it is possible to have other goals as well. Does your organization want publicity? Tony Arterburn believes that all charitable events have one goal, so it is important to establish this at the forefront.

· Fundraising goal. Next, Tony Arterburn states that you should establish what amount of money you plan to raise at the event. Once you set an amount, Tony Arterburn notes that all planning should be geared towards raising this specific amount. Additionally, the amount should be what your organization hopes to net after expenses are deducted.

Budget. Tony Arterburn notes that all events should contain a complete budget that lists all expenses. It is important to leave some room in your budget for unforeseen costs. Tony Arterburn states that your budget should include staff, invitations, space rental, catering, entertainment, transportation, security, etc.

How to Give An Effective Speech: Tony Arterburn

Giving a speech can be a monumental experience that is mixed with feelings of nervousness and excitement. It is important to not let your nerves get the best of you to ensure that you give an effective speech. Tony Arterburn is a professional speaker with years of experience, and he understands the trials and tribulations that come along with public speaking. Although giving a speech can be difficult, Tony Arterburn believes it is important to stay focused or else your speech could lack effectiveness. Recently, Tony Arterburn was nominated as a candidate for the U.S. House of Representatives. As Tony Arterburn prepares for his campaign journey, he notes there are rules that he follows whenever giving a speech. Here are some of Tony Arterburn’s best tips to guarantee your audience stays engaged and leaves your speech feeling inspired.

· Avoid signs of nervousness. Tony Arterburn notes that it is inevitable that you will feel nerves before a speech, but it is important to keep them under control. Nerves can be a distraction to your audience, so you want to avoid showing them at all costs. Tony Arterburn states that you should think of yourself as someone who is sharing valuable information with listeners who want to hear what you have to say. Make sure you monitor fidgeting, pacing, and your hand movements during your lecture to avoid showing any sort of worry.

Develop good body language. Tony Arterburn believes that body language is key when giving an effective speech. Most importantly, your smile. Tony Arterburn states that smiling will help build instant rapport with your audience and make them feel warm to you. Additionally, adding in effective facial expressions will help make your speech sound more convincing. Tony Arterburn adds that posture is also important. Speakers should avoid making any type of closed gestures. Maintaining a rooted look will make you appear confident in what you are saying!

Why Congress Needs an Overhaul with Tony Arterburn

Tony Arterburn is a current candidate for the United States House of Representatives. Hoping to represent the fourth district of Texas, Tony Arterburn believes that Congress is in dire need of an overhaul. Furthermore, Tony Arterburn believes that he is the man to do it. If you have been wondering about the future of Congress, listen to this information from Tony Arterburn.

Congress Needs Help!

  • Education

First and foremost, Tony Arterburn believes that Congress needs a complete overhaul in matters of education. As experts like Tony Arterburn know, the United States Constitution was not written to give the federal government the power to mandate or direct education. Instead, education is meant to be handled on a state-by-state level. When he makes it to Congress, Tony Arterburn has every intention of overhauling the way that the federal government handles education.

  • Abandonment of Veterans

Tony Arterburn says that one of the major issues facing the United States is its treatment of Veterans. As a veteran who once suffered from post-traumatic stress disorder, Tony Arterburn knows first-hand that many veterans are expected to “fend for themselves” after they return home from the war. As a Congressman, Tony Arterburn intends to help other veterans get the services they need when they return home.

  • Assault on Life and Dignity

Above all other issues, Tony Arterburn believes that the biggest problem facing the United States government is its willingness to assault the dignity of human life on a near-daily basis. As a devout Christian, Tony Arterburn recognizes that life begins at conception and should be allowed to continue until a natural death. Still, the United States government allows human life to be lost on a daily basis through abortion and unconstitutional war. When he makes it to Congress, Tony Arterburn hopes to show the world that the United States respects human life.

Tony Arterburn Talks Talk Radio

Tony Arterburn knew from a very young age that he wanted to help as many people in his community as possible. When he was a young man, Tony Arterburn decided to join the United States Army immediately after his graduation from Rockwall High School. After more than five years of honorable service in various combat zones, Tony Arterburn came home and found new ways to serve his community.

These days, Tony Arterburn spends most of his time on his congressional campaign. Still, Tony Arterburn is quick to say that his greatest accomplishment as a man has been serving as a community leader in his hometown of Rockwall, Texas.

Talk Radio as a Community Conduit

Tony Arterburn realized shortly after his return from the war that the best way for him to help as many people as possible was to be a Christian community leader. One of the ways that Tony Arterburn did this was by starting his own talk radio show on KLIF-AM. Tony Arterburn knew immediately that AM radio could be a powerful

communication conduit between him and his community.

As a talk radio show host, Tony Arterburn recognizes that he has quite a bit of responsibility placed on his shoulders. Tony Arterburn takes this responsibility very seriously.

Respect Your Audience and They Will Respect You

Tony Arterburn knows that his number one responsibility is to treat his listeners with respect. In turn, Tony Arterburn knows that his listeners will respect his own unique viewpoint.

On his talk radio program, Tony Arterburn discusses many highly charged political issues including the sanctity of life, the treatment of veterans and the role of the federal government in education. Tony Arterburn knows that not all of his listeners will agree with his point of view. However, as a respectful host, Tony Arterburn is confident that his listeners will respect his opinions and give them due consideration.