Kacie Haywood

my piggy bank

Piggy bank

The reason my piggy bank is one of my possessions because before my grandmother past away she gave me this piggy bank that she had for years, and sense she is no longer here with me it has grown sentimental value.

hat from flordia

Hat from flordia

I would say the hat is a possession to me because ,when my sisters moved out the house and went to stay with there dad . they went to Florida and brought me back a hat, I think the reason I have kept it sense the 2nd grade . I really missed them and calling them everyday wasn't enough so playing in it everyday I guess I felt like they were back at home wit me.

moo moo the

Moo moo the cow

the main reason this is my most prized possession because my dad use to be on the road a lot ,he told me that as long as I had moo moo everything would b okay and he would always be with me ,having her made me feel secure and that every night he was gonna ,make it home safe.

interview with my dad

  • what would you say is one of your most prized possessions
  • my hat would be
  • why would you say that
  • well because I've never left the house without a hat my dad never did his dad and so I never will

His rope possesion 2

  • what would you say your next possession would be
  • my rope
  • why would you say that's a possession
  • well because its my hobby and passion and its not just something I do its apart of me and will be until I leave earth

His wallet possession 3

  • what is another possession you have
  • I would say my wallet
  • why would you say your wallet is a possession
  • its a possession because it has my identity in it and was given to me by my brother