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Leading and Learning: CORE VALUES

Social Conscience

I can accept feedback and take action in seeking a solution.

Before we can practice this value, we need to think about our Core Value of INTEGRITY. A person with integrity is someone who is honest. A person with INTEGRITY is someone that tells the truths that we need to hear (even when we don’t want to hear them) to improve. Now, once we have the truth, our RESPONSIBILITY FOR GROWTH is vital. It is our choice in how we respond to anything that is said to us. Much like the equation I mentioned last week -- E + R = O -- we are responsible for how we respond to every event in our lives. Every bit of feedback, even the feedback that is negative, can be turned into an opportunity to learn and grow with the right response. First, we have to accept the feedback, examine it, own it, and find the truths in it. Then, put it into action. Action is required for any growth. It is not good enough to just accept responsibility for the words or ideas, we must do the work to get better. When we get feedback, we have to make one of two choices. We can make excuses, defend our behavior, and blame others. Or, we can get better. Find a way this week to own the truth in your life and get better! Improvement happens in small incremental changes, not massive, sweeping changes. Make a change, no matter how small, then the next and the next and the next. You can get there if you are willing to commit to doing the small things remarkably well over an extended period of time.

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Cardinal Recognitions:

Thank you to:

  • Thomas Wright and Dave Copeland for hosting music events this week. It was good to see groups back in the auditorium.
  • our Spring Sports coaches. As Spring Sports begin to wind down, we appreciate all our coaches do to keep kids engaged in school and athletics.

Grateful Friday Challenge

Week 36: Grateful Friday Challenge:

Happy Friday! Happy Last Student Friday of the school year… today marks the beginning of the last five days we have with our current students. (Sing it with me...It’s the final countdown!)

One hundred seventy-five days have come and gone and we only have FIVE (Well, four if you don’t count next Wednesday) days left in the school year! Where has the time gone?

We have had a great year celebrating ourselves and each other during the past 10 months, and now here we are… smiles are a little bit bigger, steps get a little bit peppier, and life seems a little bit sweeter as we can see the effort of our years worth of work with the students who are filling our classrooms.

Today, let’s do our own version of a countdown. Can you complete all five of the #SHSGFC challenges below? I know we are all busy, but taking the time to celebrate all the great things from this school year will make the day even better.

Ready… Set… Go….

Today do the following:

Give: FIVE high fives during passing periods. (or you can go with first bumps to follow better COVID protocols...)

Give: FOUR genuine compliments to students throughout the day.

Ask: THREE people who their favorite teacher in school was.

Write: TWO hand written notes of appreciation.

Give: ONE big pat on the back to yourself for being the best version of yourself every day!

High Five! Four…. Three…. Two….. One!

With banners flying as we go! #FlyAsONE

180 Days of Learning -- #CardsLearn

Hope you enjoy this weeks 180 Days of Learning Posts

Spring Musical

Mrs. Richardson and Mrs. Roberts hosted a small spring musical this past Friday night. The musical, Distanced, was written by senior Julia Dye. The musical was a concert-style show. Distanced was a story about the struggles of our students over the past year and a half. Thank you to Mrs. Richardson and Mrs. Roberts for supporting our theater students in creating and performing this musical!

Beth Cooper

Mrs. Cooper's Integrated Chemistry and Physics students visited the lab today to examine acids and bases. Students used litmus paper to measure the pH of common household items like tab water, lemon juice, and ammonia. The students used the color coding charts connected to the litmus paper to determine if each item was an acid or a base.

Thomas Wright

Our first and last Orchestra concert was held on Tuesday night. The orchestra hosted a relaxed show playing some great music like "Don't Stop Believing" during the concert. Mr. Wright also took time to give Orchestra awards for the year and recognize the senior orchestra members during the concert. Mr. Wright also enjoyed the return of the Steinway Grand Piano to the stage at Southport during the event!

Amy Peddie

Mrs. Peddie's students are participating in a Mock Trial. The trial topic dealt with hiring discrimination practices in the workplace. The students used a general outline to create the mock trial. The students created the steps for interviewing witness and all the evidence that would be used in the trial. The students then ran through the entire process of the trial over the course of two days to see if their evidence held up in court.

Dave Copeland

The final music concert of the year was hosted on Thursday night. Not only was it the last concert of the year as the band performed. It was also Mr. Copeland's last concert before retirement. Thank you to Mr. Copeland for his years of dedication and service to our music department. Mr. Copeland will be missed!

Kayla Shouse and Tara Foor

Ms. Shouse and Ms. Foor teamed up to create a mural. AP Art students created the mural with the sphero robots. Students spread paint on the mural or dipped the sphero robots in paint and then used the sphero app to drive them around on the mural to create art!

Educational Humor

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