A liquid metal

Basic information

  • Element name: Mercury

  • Atomic number of 80, atomic weight of 200.59

  • Group 12, period 6

  • A silvery white metal, classification: metallic

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  • Known for ancient Chinese and Hindus to use before 2000 BC.

  • Ancient Greeks used Mercury to make ointments, which the Romans used.

Additional information: Biology and Geology

  • There is no data of Mercury in our bodies.
  • A rare element that's found in the earths crust, sometimes found in cinnabar ore, located in Spain and Italy

Additional information: Uses and description

  • Used in labs to make thermometers, barometers, diffusion pumps, other instruments
  • A silvery white liquid metal that has a large mass and a melting point of around -39 Celsius

Interesting facts

  • Mercury is the only liquid metal in the periodic table
  • Very poisonous, which is another reason why they stopped incorporating it in certain objects
  • Methyl Mercury is a dangerous pollutant found in rivers and lakes, usually from industrial waste