By:Biju Manthuruthil

Power can change anybody or pig

In the poem and news article I chose,along with Animal Farm,I found that all three have a similar theme.It was that power can change a person or pig.As said in the poem,"how men in power behave so different"(Manohar 5).In the news article it says,"We tend to seek money and power when in the pursuit of happiness." The rest of the news article is talking about how money causing people to think they're in power and how their thinking and behavior change because of it. This could possibly happen to Powerball winner,who may think they're the king of the world since they got a gigantic amount money.So both the poem and article connect to Animal Farm as where the pigs change after the revolution by doing human things like drinking whiskey and being dictators of the farm.This was how the poem,news article,and Animal Farm all connected to the theme,"power can change a person or pig.