Between Shades of Gray

By: Ruta Sepetys

They get taken away from their homes and are forced to survive the winter in a prison camp, can they do it?


It's 1941 and they live in Lithuania, and they seem to have a perfect family two parents and two kids. Lina has noticed her dads friends from the university coming over late and closing the curtain and hiding in a way. She also has noticed her mom sewing their valuables into her coat including her watch, silver coins, and jewelry. They are asleep one night like normal and then it all changes. They hear pounding and yelling outside their door and then it happens....


In the book Between Shades of Gray it takes place in Lithuania, 1941. Lina is living life like usual and then it all changes. They first get taken away on a truck with a bunch of other people, some they know, others they don't know. They get roughly taken a truck and loaded onto a cattle car on a train, they are packed like sardines. Once the train stops they get loaded off and stay in a field and learn that there is a village near by. They again get transported to a village and are forced to live with grumpy beet farmers in small huts. Then after a while they are transported onto a boat and taken somewhere in the Arctic and have to build their huts and hve to survive the winter by themselves.

Hayley Erin as Lina

Lina is the main character in the story. She is 15, Lina is the older sister of Jonas. In the story she saves her brother, saves her mother, and helps her family by stealing food and logs.

Christian Beadles as Jonas

Jonas is a young 11 year old boy. In the story he is about to be taken away and his mother gives something very valuable to the guard. Now Jonas is trying to survive along with the rest of his family.

Book Reviews

"This superlative first novel by Ruta Sepetys demonstrates the strength of its unembellished language. A hefty emotional punch."

The New York Times

Book Review

"Her prose is restrained and powerful, as unadorned as the landscape in which her characters struggle to survive... Few books are beautifully written, fewer still are important; this novel is both."

The Washington Post

Book Review

Between Shades of Gray and the other books in this tiny but perhaps widening historical niche are worth a young reader's time not just because they move or uplift (which they do). These volumes also give children the opportunity to develop as clear and educated an opinion about communism as they will have already formed about Nazism. And that's something worth having."

Wall Street Journal

Between Shades of Gray by Ruta Sepetys-LC

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