Belridge Secondary ESC News

May 2020

From the Principal's Desk

Welcome back to Term 2, 2020 and what an amazing start to the new school term it was. After having had the most unusual finish to Term 1, it was fantastic to see our students arrive on the first day of the Term eager, willing and excited to return to school. The COVID crisis certainly impacted on us all and whilst this was challenging there have also been many positives to celebrate and embrace. I would like to thank all of our parental community for their support during this crisis, and a very special acknowledgement to our incredible staff who prepared a 10-week hard copy work package for each of our students as well contributing to our Connect Online Learning Community. The preparation of these packages was a mammoth task given the different learning needs and styles of our students as well as focussing on the completion of tasks as independently as possible. Having the resources available to deliver these packages to student’s homes certainly set us apart from many schools so thankyou one and all.

Term 2 has progressed really smoothly and all students settled back into the routines of schooling with ease. With the easing of restrictions around the state our educational programs such as Workplace Learning that occur outside of the school environment will slowly begin to return to normal. This, however, takes a great deal of planning and liaising with the Work placement providers to determine that they are willing for our students to attend as well as ensuring that all the necessary COVID hygiene procedures are followed by employers/businesses as per Department of Education policy.

With the regular attendance of many students being lower over the course of Semester One, the breadth and depth of the curriculum covered throughout this Semester may have been reduced. For this reason, schools are not required to include Achievement levels on this year’s Semester 1 student reports. It also means that your child’s attendance may not be reported, and Semester One Reports will not contain Achievement Levels but will contain information relating to your child’s progress.

Many members of our wider school community will remember Mrs Jenny Winston, our Workplace Learning and VET co-ordinator. Sadly, Jenny recently passed away peacefully after a long battle with illness. Jenny officially retired from Belridge SESC earlier this year after having commenced with the Department of Education in 1993. Jenny was a much loved and respected member of staff and she will be sadly missed by us all.

Thank you to our school community for your patience and understanding with the parking and drop off and pick up disruptions at the front of the school due to the exciting new Performing Arts Centre construction that is currently taking place. The new venue will be amazing and it will definitely be well worth the wait and we look forward to this construction being completed in Term 1 2021.

Kind regards,

Jenine Wall

Important Dates

Last Day of Term 2 - Friday 3rd July

First Day of Term 3 - Monday 20th July

Home Schooling Preparation at Belridge SESC

** Thank you **

to ALL the AMAZING staff at Belridge SESC

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Middle School News

Let me start by saying how great it is to have all the students back at school and engaged in their educational programs. The students have been so excited to share and report on their ‘learning from home’ experiences. We have received some amazing photos of students cooking meals in the kitchen, researching projects via the internet, spending time outdoors, playing musical instruments, completing their educational package sent home by classroom teachers, the list goes on and on. Well done to all the students and their families!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Just recently we had our first student council meeting for the year which I knew students had been looking forward to. Last week we discussed the responsibilities held by a student councillor and signed the contract acknowledging these responsibilities and behaviour requirements for this important role.

Just recently we had our first student council meeting for the year which I knew students had been looking forward to. Last week we discussed the responsibilities held by a student councillor and signed the contract acknowledging these responsibilities and behaviour requirements for this important role.

While students have been learning from home, teachers have been upskilling through professional learning. At a recent middle school meeting Helen Carolyn, Year 8 Teacher, spent time upskilling staff around Digital Technologies and gave us a demonstration of how to use the new ‘KUBOS’ that the school has recently purchased. KUBO is the ideal starting point when introducing coding to students and when beginning to develop computational thinking skills. KUBO activities are STEM centric, with computer science at the core, while providing cross-curricular challenges in a creative, hands-on way. Digital Technology enables students to develop effective self-directed learning skills and promote cooperation and teamwork which are very important skills, in every aspect of life.

Unfortunately, we haven’t yet been able to hold middle school assemblies altogether however teachers have been running mini class assemblies in their rooms every fortnight and students have been recognised for all their hard work and presented with class certificates. Teachers have also continued to recognise students demonstrating SAFE, RESPECTFUL and RESPONSIBLE behaviours and are rewarding students by presenting them with raffle tickets. Well done to the students, their families and the staff at Belridge SESC for making the return to school a seamless one.

Mrs Shayne Hutchings

Middle School Deputy Principal

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Senior School News

Welcome to Term 2! It has been a very topsy turvy time with COVID restrictions and the disruption to programs. Teachers were asked to prepare for online learning during the latter part of Term 1 and they quickly got the hang of Connect Communities which is the platform we chose to deliver online learning. Teachers were able to provide a range of engaging activities to support learning at home.

From Monday 18th May all students have been expected to attend school and we have been very happy to see most students back and some routines back in place.

We have resumed some therapy sessions, Cobra Café and Coffee Club. We are certainly grateful that the delicious Thursday lunches have resumed, and that coffees are delivered on Mondays and Tuesdays.

In regard to the impact of COVID 19 restrictions on Endorsed Programs and VET Certificate courses there will be some adjustments to the assessments being done, however, the requirement for assessments remains in place. Teachers who deliver these programs are working with the training organisations to make those adjustments.

ASDAN moderation for Endorsed Programs will take place later in the year than in previous years. Again, the full impact of adjustments to these programs will be known in due course.

Reports will be issued at the end of this semester. Due to the impact of COVID19 on the delivery of programs there will be no assessments given, however progress comments will be made where appropriate. There will not be any reporting on attendance for Semester 1 2020.

School life is feeling decidedly more settled currently and I look forward to seeing the continued progress of our students as they engage with the programs on offer.

Ms Wendy Hughes

Senior School Deputy Principal


We are very excited in MAG to be back at school as a full class in Term 2.

Our Mother’s Day craft was great fun, and we hope all our mothers enjoyed their gifts and had a lovely day!

The cooler weather has seen us enjoying some outdoor time on the bikes, which we all enjoy. Spending time in the fresh air and sunshine while we exercise has been good for the staff and students!

We have also been learning to take turns navigating around the school. Learning our left and right, as well as orienteering safely.

Some of our other outdoor activities include visiting Mrs Hull in the garden to help with some watering, and learning the names of some of the gorgeous plants we are growing. We have also been playing soccer to continue learning our left and right, as well as teamwork and taking turns.

Our specialist subjects, like Art, Home Economics, Dance and Digital Technologies have continued to be very engaging for our students this term.

We make sure to practice our health and hygiene every day, washing our hands correctly, and using hand sanitiser if we need to.

It’s been an exciting start to the term, and we can’t wait to see what the rest of Term 2 will hold!!

Ms Silvia Samarin

MAG Teacher

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Class 7-1 has had a wonderful end of term one and start to term two. Despite all the changes in our routine, the students have coped well and settled back in. We have been working on our IEP goals in English, Mathematics, HASS, Health and Sport. We have been practising bike riding, basketball and soccer as a class on Tuesdays and with the other Year 7 class on Fridays.

We went on an excursion towards the end of last term to Decadance. There were prizes for games, lots of music and disco lights. There was even a camera on the DJ stand and you could see yourself on the projector screen. Everyone was dancing and having fun. All year 7’s and some students from other year groups had a fabulous day.

In Home Economics with Mrs Corless we have been cooking lots of different types of food. Some of the meals we have prepared are spaghetti bolognaise, fried rice, bacon and egg burger, pancakes, chocolate cake in a cup, toasted sandwiches and chocolates for Mother’s Day. In Design and Technology, we have made a pencil holder, candle holder and bracelets. We are currently working on making a wooden truck.

Miss Daisy Llanwarne

7-1 Teacher

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Everyone in 7-2 was keen to come back to school and see their friends after an extended time off.

We all settled in back into our old routines, with the help of playing lots of group games with our class peers and teachers. This term we have started using more technology in the classroom, developing our ICT skills to find out new information and teach each other about different coding programs.

We have continued with our AUSLAN lessons learning popular songs. We have even made a list of songs we would like to learn in the future! We have had some craft afternoons making some artwork to decorate our classroom. As the weather has cooled down this term, we have had the chance to be more sporty. We have really enjoyed using the bikes and scooters. The Year 7 ‘s have also begun playing soccer and basketball in our PE lessons, then playing some games at recess and lunchtimes.

Ms Chloe Jordan

7-2 Teacher

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We are all excited to be back at school for Term 2.

We spent time reviewing our school rules and values as well our personal hygiene when entering our classroom and moving around the school. The students have transitioned well back into the class routine.

In Art we have continued working with warm and cold colours, painting masterpieces and decorating our classroom. During Home Ec we have practiced our chopping and grating skills. So far our favourite recipes are Pasta Bolognese and Tacos. We all left clean plates and felt very full.

We all enjoy having Miss Thompson in our classroom for Science and Sport and this term has been especially exciting because we have been using the school bikes and scooters. We are learning how to use the bikes safely including how to travel around the school and the rules when using the bikes. We follow a circuit, learning how to steer, brake and follow directions. This has been a new experience for some students and it is great to see their confidence grow in a few short weeks.

During Technology we’ve had lots of fun learning directions. We really enjoy dancing to Debbie Doo and the Move left direction songs for kids. Once we’ve had a boogie, we get the Kubo robots out and using directions we navigate them across the boards. Sometimes we get lost, but we learn why and change the direction tiles. We also use the Bluebots. Using a visual sequence of steps, we program our Bluebots to move around the class.

In our Health class, we are learning strategies to use for emotions when we’re in the yellow zone. This helps us with self-awareness and identifying appropriate calming strategies we like to use to get back in the green zone.

We are all looking forward to the rest of the term. Ms Carlyon, Mrs Curran, Mrs Mathews and Miss B.

Ms Helen Carlyon

8-1 Teacher

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It is wonderful to have everyone back at school. Students have returned with positive attitudes and a willingness to work hard and give everything a go. It has certainly been an interesting couple of months but everyone has settled back in to routines and are working hard in core and elective subjects.

The class has started a project of "Seasons in the Patch". Below are some of the stunning photos the students have taken of some of the many plants and ornaments in the garden.

We will keep you updated with our project as the seasons change.

Mrs Pauline Egan

8-2 Teacher

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Welcome back to Term 2 Everyone! What a very interesting time we have had over the last couple of months. It is great to see all the students back at school and some type of normality slowly returning.

I would like to give a BIG thankyou to parents and families for supporting their children’s learning throughout this time and for the students’ flexibility and adaptation to the ever changing circumstances. You have all been amazing.

The return to school has been an exciting time for many of the students as they get to hang out with their friends again and the motivation towards learning has been excellent.

All elective subjects have returned and Fire Tech has begun again this week. Yay!!

In D+T the students have begun making jewellery boxes. Cooking is a hit every week and everyone enjoys the Visual Arts program. As were are unable to engage in swimming this term we are continuing with our own PE classes each Tuesday.

In Maths and English, the students are working very hard to meet their IEP goals. In HASS this term we are learning about WW1. In Health we are learning how to communicate Assertively and how to distinguish between, Passive, Aggressive and Assertive modes of communication.

I look forward to more exciting things happening throughout the term. Take care everyone.

Ms Aileen Finn

9-1 Teacher

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It has been an interesting start to the year with current events. I'd like to give a big thank you to the families and carers for coming together and being so supportive at such a difficult time. A big thank you must also be given to the dedicated staff and most importantly THE 9-2 students themselves, who handled this situation like the wonderful young adults they are.

Now onto the stars of the show, THE 9-2. With our full roster of students back together, we have had some great classes. From discussing World War I, to learning first aid, to interesting conversations about character analysis in English. We have enjoyed learning new things.

The marvelous and multi-talented 9-2 class, have also been flexing their creative muscles, designing magnificent digital art pieces which experiment with perspective and layering.

But enough from me let’s start the show.

Mr Simon Malloy

9-2 Teacher

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We have had such a smooth and happy start to term with all students in 9-3 returning ready to learn and catch up with their friends after some time away from school.

So far this term has consisted of a range of interesting and fun activities and topics across all subject areas.

Our class has made some fantastic metal dustpans in D&T and are currently working on incense holders and keyrings for Market Day – which look amazing!

We have been enjoying some joint Physical Education classes with 9-2 playing a range of different sports where we have been learning about good sportsmanship and being a team player.

In Science with Miss Thompson, we have been looking at adaptions of animals and plants where the class is undertaking an investigative task of watching plants grow from seedlings.

We completed our studies in Humanities and Social Science where we explored the concept of global trade, imports and exports. We have now moved on to studying World War I which everyone is really enjoying so far.

In Art, each student has designed a dragon to make into a clay sculpture. All the designs vary in shape, features and colour – we are really excited to see how the sculptures turn out.

I am so proud of all the students in 9-3 for their resilience and great start to Term 2.

Ms Katherine Vales

9-3 Teacher

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The Patch

The garden has had some improvements recently. Our shade house has been fully recovered which means our vast array of plants will be protected from the winter weather and the gazebo in the sensory garden has been rebuilt and covered. It has been a great transformation.

It has been full steam ahead in the garden. We have had many helpers assisting with clearing and preparing beds and some our Year 7 students have started seed sowing a few winter crops. There have been so many sunny days and students have been taking advantage of the weather getting out in The Patch. It has been a hive of activity. We have had success with many crops. Students have been watching the bananas develop, the pumpkins grow and have also been harvesting many herbs.

As part of their volunteering program, the Year 11’s have been assisting with many gardening tasks, revamping our fairy garden and replanting our patch behind Home Economics with new herbs and vegetables. In the coming weeks our upper school students will assist in the preparation and planting of a new garden bed of herbs and root crops that will be a continuation of the native bush tucker garden started by Belridge SC staff and students. This will then transition into a kitchen garden for Home Economics to utilise. What a wonderful whole school collaboration to create a useful garden.

Pauline Hull

Education Assistant

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Welcome back to all from 10-1!

It's been wonderful welcoming everyone back. The students have embraced work routines and activities with enthusiasm. We have been very busy...

  • Making Mothers Day cards and planters
  • Participating in group activities like phonics Go-Fish card game and Maths place value exchange game
  • Working in the garden learning about using equipment, maintenance, safety and caring for plants. Thank you to Mrs Hull for her help and support.

The students are continuing with the rest of their standard curriculum and activities within school including: DFES, Home Economics, Photography and D&T.

A big thank you to Mrs Van De Peppel, Mrs Duyvestein and Mrs Willis for their hard work, dedication and support in the teaching and learning of our beautiful students in 10-1.

Mrs Susan Osborne

10-1 Teacher

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It’s wonderful to have everyone back in class and to see the students working well across all learning areas!

It was great to hear of the students’ achievements while working at home, thank you to all parents for your help and support. Photographs of the projects undertaken by Libby and Troy during that time are included on this page.

Now back in the classroom, in Science, the class has been learning about atoms and the periodic table, while in HASS, the students have been learning about World War II, researching many of the key events of the war.

In Design & Technology with Mr Orr and Mr Silva, the students have undertaken a variety of projects, including producing a dust pan, and an LED light.

In Home Economics with Ms Wilkes, the students have made tacos, toasted ham and cheese sandwiches, fried rice, and minced beef pasta bake.

In Photography with Ms Grieve, the class has studied lines, colour and shape.

Please feel free to contact me at school anytime. My email address is

Mr Stephen McMahon

10-2 Teacher

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Welcome back!

In the first week back of Term 2 we had fun making things for Mother’s Day. We made cards and sorted an assortment of teabags and coffee to go into a gift bag. The students decorated a photo frame with jewels then selected a beautiful photo to put in it and then hand painted the wrapping paper. The students requested to make cookies, so this was done also with great delight! Not sure how many cookies actually got wrapped and made it home for presents.

The students have been missing their weekly excursions to Workplace Learning. The class had a great idea to write a letter to Mercycare residents and make something to brighten their day. Each student individually chose their flower to make, wrote their letter and addressed their own envelope.

For one of our ASDAN modules we needed to meet a friend or a new person. We had to make our own decisions as to who we would meet, when we would meet them and what we were going to do. Some students were nervous with anticipation so each student wrote their own personalised list of questions to ask the other person before they met them. When each class actually met they all had something to talk about and chose a game to play as well. At the end of session, the feedback from students was “Awesome!” “Can we do that again?”. It was fantastic to see students motivated, engaged and talking with such enthusiasm.

Ms Kim Butler

11-1 Teacher

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Well, it’s fair to say that it has been a strange and unprecedented start to Term 2. Despite the adjustments that are in place at schools, students in 11-2 have been fantastic and extremely mature about the precautions and restrictions. I would like to say a big thank you to students and staff for following the hygiene and hand-washing procedures to ensure everyone’s safety.

Since the last newsletter, students have been busy working on as much school based work as possible. To supplement the ASDAN Short Course in Volunteering, students have been helping in the Sensory Garden with a variety of tasks and jobs. These tasks have enabled students from the rest of the school to enjoy and learn from an outside environment by getting back to nature. The hours that the students do are documented in their log books and submitted later this year towards the completion of the course.

In the Certificate I Transport & Logistics course, students have been working hard to perform their duties whist still maintaining social distance and strict hygiene. They have successfully completed a number of units and will continue to do so.

In Maths, students are currently working through the Curriculum Money work books that studies saving, spending, sharing and budgeting. For Health, students are now looking into Social Thinking through ‘Social Thinking – Thinksheets for Tweens and Teens’. In Work and Vocational Pathways, students are working through their Coffee Club enterprise where they make, deliver and manage coffee orders amongst the staff. Along with this, students are completing the online IVET Certificate II in Business.

In all other subjects, students have been working well through each topic and are adjusting their learning styles to suit.

Following in-depth conversations and lessons about COVID 19 and the impact it has on mental health, the students created a ‘chill out zone’ for them to use when they need a break, whist still applying social distance. It has been a huge success!

Mr Tom Cann

11-2 Teacher

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Welcome back to Term 2. After an interesting few months it’s great to have the whole class back together and excited to be at school and learning.

Although there are still some restrictions in place for off campus activities, most school based programs and ASDAN modules have re-commenced.

Starting Coffee Club again was a welcome sign for both staff and students that classes at school were getting back to normal.

We have begun our Meal Preparation program with yummy Tim Tam Pancakes and a delicious Thai Chicken Stir Fry.

As our WPL (Work Place Learning) program is suspended for now, students are putting their work skills and team work to good use during our Business Enterprise sessions. Their ‘Shine Bright Car Wash’ business is doing a roaring trade washing staff cars for $5. All proceeds going to the ‘Save the Koala Bushfire Fund’.

Coffee Club (serving, making and delivery) and Gardening (weeding, sweeping, planting and clearing) allow the students to practise great work skills for the future.

While some sections of the ASDAN modules are difficult to complete in the current environment, as they require visits into the community, students are working hard to complete all sections that are school based.

I am very happy to say that in these uncertain times, students in 12-1 have adapted well to all the changes they have faced. I am seeing daily examples of independence and team work in a caring group of enthusiastic young adults. It has been a real pleasure for the staff in class to see.

Ms Tonya Vander Loop

12-1 Teacher

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Welcome back to a very different start to the school term! I am so pleased that we now have all of the 12-2 crew back at school and everyone is working hard at completing work package lessons, the iVet Online Certificate II course and Café and Coffee Club. I have been very impressed with how the students have continued to demonstrate our School Values of Safe, Respectful and Responsible. They have kept a positive attitude towards our increased hygiene procedures and have all been very welcoming and respectful to the wonderful cleaners. We have reviewed our classroom rules and are focusing on Being Assertive.

12-2 has started a term project creating Mosaics. First the class viewed different mosaic styles on the internet and discovered the main aspects of mosaic creation. They then planned their design on A3 paper and organised the resources that they each needed for the task. The students then drew the design onto a wood base and are now gluing on the small coloured tiles to make the design. I am looking forward to seeing the amazing end products. The class has also made Funny Grass Heads as a small project. They filled the bottom of a bottle with a small layer of gravel and then filled the rest with soil. They then sprinkled two teaspoons of grass seeds into the soil. The students then found various supplies in the art storeroom to decorate their bottle to make funny faces. Over the past two weeks, the grass hair has grown and soon they will be ready for haircuts!

For each week of the term, the work package has a ‘fun activity booklet’ included. For week one, the students completed activities to commemorate ANZAC day and of course made yummy ANZAC biscuits. In week 2, there was a Mother’s Day activity where students made a lovely card for their mothers or grandmothers and rocky road for a present. The students enjoyed taste testing the rocky road but I hope that most of it made it to the Mums! The class will continue to complete the weekly activities throughout the term.

As part of our independent living, functional literacy and numeracy and cooking skills, the

12-2 students are creating a weekly snack that they are able to also make at home. Last week they went in pairs to the ILC to make French Toast which they all loved and feel that they would be able to make for themselves at home. This week, they will be making a ‘one cup’ cake where there are 5 ingredients that are all one cup in measurement. Café and Coffee Club has resumed and thank you to all of our customers for their support! It has been fantastic to see the class work in small teams and as a whole class to calmly produce delicious food and hot drinks within the required timeframe. Café and coffee club are slowly moving to using more sustainable packaging and updating different systems to enhance the knowledge, skills and experience that it provides the students.

To increase our physical activities this term, the class has started bike riding around the school sports areas two to three times a week. They have been practicing their skills, participating in short obstacle courses, learning bike safety and increasing their fitness and having fun at the same time. Thank you to Mr Greer for facilitating the bike riding on Tuesday mornings and also to Mr Cann for continuing to run the Wednesday afternoon sports sessions.

The class has been working hard on their Certificate II in Skills for Work and Vocational Pathways. The students are completing tasks that involve Core Skills within workplaces such as Workplace Problems, Workplace Goal Setting and Workplace Communication. As this course is run through iVet Online, the students are increasing their awareness on how to locate the specific coursework within the iVet portal, how to complete assessments online and ensure that they follow the correct procedures such as saving their assessments as PDFs before uploading.

It has been a positive start to the school term and it is fantastic to see the students focus on their work, learn new skills and continue with their positive outlooks.

Ms Lauren Thompson

12-2 Teacher

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