Mr. B's Bright Lights of April

Do You have Literacy Night on your calendar?

A Good Time to Learn More about Readers Workshop

Literacy Night: May 10th

The workshop model is the pillar of our literacy instruction here at Merton. Family involvement is also a vital part of what we do. Our May 10th Literacy Night will be a time where your child and a Merton teacher will take you through what a reading workshop classroom looks like. Students AND their families will be participating in a mock lesson as well as spend time with our literacy specialists to get a front row look at what our literacy instruction involves. Please consider being a part of this great night!

Arrowhead grade school track and field meet is Wednesday, May 16th

Arrowhead grade school track and field meet is Wednesday, May 16th

Any students interested in participating in this track and field meet should sign up by contacting Mrs. Monson or Stauber. There are many track and field events to choose from. The list of events can be found below. Please contact me with any questions.

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Board Meeting BeeBots

Lots of learning by adults with first graders doing the teaching. Mr. Heinze brought a few of his children to the board meeting for some fun with programming beebots to perform finding locations on a map. Awesome!

Mike Budisch

Springtime is here and it is about time. Let's make sure our May 2018 is the best one we have ever had. Keep up with homework, do reading every night-yup-even after practices. Look forward to the Literacy Night-please plan for that, May 10th.