Perseverance-People That Keep Going

By: Collin Hoffman


Perseverance is defined many ways. I think that perseverance is never giving up on your goal and getting back up after a fault or fail. “When you give up so does your dream,” (Collin Hoffman).

Eleanor Roosevelt- Problem and Solution

Eleanor Roosevelt married Franklin Roosevelt who became president in 1933. She always spoke out for civil rights and Woman’s rights. When Eleanor saw a problem she fixed it. When she saw that black people were denied working in the government, she got Franklin to sign some executive orders to prevent that from happening. Eleanor persevered when black people were being denied there rights and most white people saw nothing wrong with it; she did what was right even though others thought differently. She never yielded to other peoples beliefs.

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Eleanor Roosevelt standing for a picture

Louis Zamperini- Chronological Order

Louis Zamperini was a trouble maker who got into a lot of trouble as a kid until his older brother got him into his future passion, running. Later he became a bomber when the US got into WWII. First, his plane crashed on a rescue mission and only himself and two others survived. Second, one of the other survivors, Mac ate all of the food that night. Third, a Japanese bomber started shooting them and putting holes in their life boats. Fourth, they spend many nights fighting sharks and repairing the boat. Fifth, when they landed on land they were split up and sent to different POW camps. At the one Louis went to there was an insane guard nick named “the Bird” who attacked Louis the most because he defied him. In the end, when the war was over, Louis triumphed over “the bird” and went home. The adversities didn’t stop there, he battled depression and anger. Louis showed contemptuous behavior to “the bird”, but eventually got over it. This is how Louis Zamperini persevered.

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Louis Zamperini with his wife

Winston Churchill-Description

Winston Churchill was the prime minister of the UK during WWII when the Germans seemed like an unstoppable force. Winston stayed to his conviction of stopping the Nazi army even though they had bad weapons. Eventually the US supported them by sending better supplies. Then, Winston and the UK was able to defend itself against the seemingly invincible Nazis. Then the Nazis we overwhelmed and destroyed. This is how Winston Churchill persevered when fighting the Nazis, and saving the UK.

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Winston Churchill standing for a picture


We can learn that when people preserver they can do great things. This shows us that when we get down doing what we love, we can preserver through the adversities that come to be successful at what we love to do. This is what we can do to preserver and triumph adversities.