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Mask requirements change for mandatory to strongly recommended. This means each child and family may make the choice that is best for their family and loved ones when it comes to masking. Please remind your child that their mask use is a personal choice and should not be influenced by peers. Students should not be making comments or questioning others about their choice to mask or not to mask. If your child receives comments or teasing about their decision, I would ask that you notify my right away so we can ensure we are keeping Kellogg safe and respectful for all students. Additionally, we ask that you monitor your child carefully for COVID symptoms and keep them home when they are not well. Our ability to keep masks "recommended" is directly tied to our ability to keep staff and students healthy.


Secondly, we will be modifying our lunch and advisory schedule to help ensure more comprehensive and effective supervision. Students will have the opportunity to eat in 4 locations beginning tomorrow (stage, cafeteria, quiet space, outdoors). The stage will continue to be spaced at 3 feet, as will the quiet space. Outdoor spacing is unlimited. The floor of the cafeteria will be reduced to 2 feet of spacing. Students will be able to select the location that works best for their circumstances. If your child is interested in eating in the quiet space, please have them reach out to a counselor or social worker for directions.

Happening @ Kellogg

MONDAY, March 7

  • A Day
  • New lunch schedule begins

TUESDAY, March 8

  • B Day


  • A Day

THURSDAY, March 10

  • B Day

FRIDAY, March 11

  • A Day


MCA Science week of Apr 4

MCA Reading week of Apr 11

MCA Math week of Apr 18

FastBridge Reading week of May 9

FastBridge Math week of May 16

Here is another great Common Sense Media resource! This link will take you to a list of math apps, games and websites you can use to help your children expand their math skills. You can sort by age level right at the top! Then on the left side, you will see all sorts of other "Best of" lists that will help you find other great books, movies, apps, shows, etc. for kids of all ages!

A Comet Community Celebration of Kellogg’s Teachers/Staff!

Spring is just around the corner and so is an opportunity to celebrate the hard-working, dedicated Kellogg teachers and staff! During the first week of May, join with others in our Comet Community of students, parents, and caregivers to create an “out of this world” week for our wonderful Comet teachers and staff!

There will be opportunities of all types (helping hands, artistic projects, and donation of goods) for all of us to join together to make this a very special celebration in early May. There will be gift card Bingo, popcorn and treat day, and even a special Friday raffle with prizes, among other special plans in the works. Our goal is to provide a week full of special experiences for all 130 Comet teachers and staff members.

A Sign Up Genius link will be sent out to you following Spring break via the Comet Connection, which will list opportunities for our Comet Community to participate in Appreciation Week, as well as the link being posted on Kellogg’s Facebook page. We will have all of April to collect your donations of appreciation items and to find helping hands to assist with tasks during this special week in May. Please join in this celebration and know that any gift you are able to contribute (whether it is a donation of requested items or helping hands) is appreciated and will make this a wonderful week for the Kellogg teachers and staff.

Be on the lookout for the Sign Up Genius link in early April (let’s “make it rain” with sign ups)!

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Important Information

  • 328-5810
  • 8:00-4:00


  • Monday-Friday, 7am-7pm
  • (800)789-0051



Angi McAndrews, Principal


Mike Widman, Assistant Principal


Teri Linander, Assistant Principal



Sarah Brooks, Licensed School Nurse


Barb Erickson, Health Office Nurse


Office Staff

Kris Hames, Office Manager


Erin Kroc, Registrar & Attendance


Amy Clark, Receptionist


Support Services 328-5800

Dan VanWinkle, 6th Grade School Counselor

Trish Fierst, 7th Grade School Counselor

Amy Carstensen, 8th Grade School Counselor

Akilah Sharif, School Social Worker

Leah Mattern, School Social Worker

For assistance in (your language), please call 328-XXXX

Para asistencia en español, por favor marque al 328-4241.

Za pomoc na bosanskom jeziku pozovite 328-4243

"إذا رغبت في الحصول على هذه المعلومات باللغة العربية يرجي الإتصال بقسم الترجمة علي الرقم 4246-328"

Haddii aad jeclaan lahayd in aad hesho macluumaadkaan oo ku qoran Soomaali, fadlan la soo xiriir waaxda EL(bartaha ingariiska) 328 4247.

“如果需要中文援助请拨打电话 :507-328-4238 (办公室) 或者 507-398-9448 (手机)

“ Để được giúp đở bằng Tiếng Việt xin Gọi đến số 271-8366