The levels of industry

jenn cuellar


Grabbing a "raw " material and making it yours like geting potatos and making them into potato chips (lays,ruffles)


you are the one supposed to get that raw material and make it into a new thing

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wholesale transportation and retail

wholesale: they sale the product to the retailers

transportation : takes the product to the retailers(in a bus, truck , airplane)

retail: they sale the new material

how it works

The company gets potatoes and they tell people to turn the potatoes into delicious potato chips. when the product is made and bagged . Once that is done they sell it to retailers such as Walmart , Kroger and Fiesta supermarket. but chips can,t take themselves to the retailers so trucks , planes and any transportation is used to take the chips to the retailer. when the product is there people buy them and the process starts over .