Character Analysis: CAT


The fear

Fear is one of the weapons most used a dark night strange mysterious shadows no saves's out creatures out there who fear time around you the only thing that once that fear you to join and grab very big and when you're sleeping shadows are appearing It takes hold of you little by little you become another person and think that logic does not make sense seizes your soul energies out of this world till you grab part of it ....and you think everything has to do with the cat derided take his life but there is no backing down alo already happened and your soul was possessed by the devil.

the black cat

this book describe as sometimes we felt very pressured by things we do not understand beyond our logic when we feel much love for animals in one or another way we want to nag their steadfastness and cherish that you are filled with anger and do not let you think and commit the terrible horror of murdering innocent cat but is your fault and you want remodel looking for one identical but you end up grabbing another murder but even more black killing his own wife