Viking Charge 3/21/2016-3/25/2016

Kick-off to Spring Break!

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Four days left...


As we approach Spring Break and the last nine weeks of the quarter, I want you to know that I value your commitment and dedication to ensuring our students academic success. This has been a very long stretch and I know you all are tired, be strong, the break is near! I know our job at school is exhausting and demanding at times, but it is very rewarding, because we work at a school that has a common vision, which is academic success for all students. We work in a field that we can empower students to grow to height far and beyond. It is your love and smile that will resonate in their spirits. You all are the REAL MVPS!

Enjoy your break!!!

Next Newsletter: April 10th

Classroom Management Professional Development: Unlocking Secrets of Great Teaching

It is that time again! Everyone enjoyed the presentations from our last session on reflection. As we continue to move forward think about things that you are doing differently and how they are benefiting students. Though we covered reflection, it is still ongoing, and I encourage you all to continue to share your struggles and successes as we work together as a team to continue to move toward SUCCESS!

Next session will be on April 13th!

Topic: Shifting Mindsets, All students can learn!

See you there in room 121

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Article Worth Reading... author of this article shares specific examples of teachers who have transitioned to the personalized learning approach, which is a form of differentiation. The author also highlights the focus on student learning by listing several key questions asked of teachers and students

Very, Very, Very, Important Reminders and Information (will change frequently)

Summarizing Daily:

Please make sure we are summarizing a minimum of four times throughout your lesson, especially, as we move into testing season. This will allow for students to show you what they know and enable you to swirl back to previous taught material to get students making relevant connections.

Setting the Expectation “Moving into the fourth quarter”:

As the quarter comes to an end, please continue to work with students on understanding expectations and procedures, especially, as the end of the year approaches.

Gradebook and End of the Quarter:

Please make sure that we are posting a minimum of two grades weekly and following the document that was provided to you at the beginning of the year. It is important that we do this so parents and students can monitor their academic success and ensure they are completing all assignments assigned. Gradebooks will be checked each Sunday!

Third quarter grade deadline will be sent out soon. Please make sure we are also contacting parents if a student is currently receiving a D or an F in your class.

Weekly Common Assessments:

Please make sure that we are creating common assessments weekly in PLCs and they align with instructional objectives for your unit. Please email me this information prior to distributing this to students and place it in the correct binder. Dr. Mitchell sent out information regard this procedure this week.

Walkthrough Look For…:

Quick Note: Lessons should be standard based and align with lesson plans created in your weekly PLCs.

Lesson Plans should also show daily instructional routines and activities. Each day should contain information regarding what is going on for that particular day and the activities should be discussed as well.

  1. Data Walls need to be updated with accurate assessment data and students should understand how to monitor their progress and the importance of having the wall in class.
  2. Please make sure your classrooms are organized and free of clutter. As people begin to tour the school and community members visit, we want to show them that we strive for the best at Lowe’s Grove. More information about the tours and the STEM Exhibition will come out soon.

Instructional Focus Areas:

· Data Walls: Should be updated regularly to monitor student progress and inform decision in PLCs.

· Small Group Instruction: Should have an area in your classroom where this can occur. If you need a table let admin know!

· Distributive Summarizing: Should occur periodically within the lesson.

Staff Shout Out!

Thank you faculty for your hard-work and support during the morning and afternoon transitions. Your presence really is appreciated as we ensure all students are going to class on time, each day! It truly takes a TEAM!

Ms. Chambers/Ms. Guzman/ Mr. Strickland, great job incorporating small group instruction into your lesson and creating activities that really engaged and challenged the students.

Elective team, great job incorporating content area material into your lessons. As testing season quickly approaches, it is those small things that will help our students be successful on these state assessments. Thanks for making the team great!

Mr. Belton, great use of test taking strategies in your warm-ups! Your preparation is preparing our students to be successful...

Important Dates:

Monday, March 21tst- Commitee Meetings

Tuesday, March 22nd- Bseball vs. Githens

Wednesday, March 23st- Club Day

Thursday, March 24th- End of the 3rd Quarter

Spring Break March 25 to April 1

School SPIRIT Fridays!

Every Friday (or in this case Thursday), students and all staff members will wear Maroon and Gold or your Lowe's Grove T Shirts, as a representation of our Viking Pride! We want want everyone to know how much we absolutely love being apart of Lowe's Grove Middle School family, the best school in Durham, NC...period!
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