Moon and Tides


the moon and tides!

                                       THE TIDES AND HOW THEY OCCURThere are different types of tides,low tides,high tides,neap tides and spring tides.the high tide occurs by a 90 degree angle,a spring tide ocurse when the moon is in the fase of a full moon and a new moon.A low tide occurs when the moon is in front of the sun,a neap tide occurs when there is a 90 degree angle with the moon and the sun.                                            

Moon phases

There are four phases of the moon.The full moon occurs when the moon is on the opposite of the sun.The new moon occurs when the moon is infront of the sun.When the sun and moon are at a ninety degree angle this is a third or first quarter moon.

The big question

The moon and tides relate because they  iteract with each other.whatever phase the moon is in , it always pulls tides.There are pretictable patterns because they keep the same pattern.If there were no moon the sun would pull way harder and it would always be a spring tide