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Male pattern baldness is connected mainly to the genetic predisposition of an individuals hair follicles on fated sections on the head, becoming susceptible to the hormone DHT. As people come close to a genetically predetermined age, there can be a sluggish constriction of the blood flow towards the hair bulb. This limitation of circulation reduces the strength of the bulb making it seperate as well as fall out, often much too early. The brand new hair which grows into this follicle is subsequently coming into a weakened follicle receiving less circulation. As a result the new hair is weaker and finer than the former hair. This cycle continues repeating until in the end the follicle is not able to create new, growing hair, which ends up in baldheadedness. Scalp Med is a scientifically proven product that addresses the source of thinning hair at its source in order to assist in preserving and regrowing hair. Scalp Med flaunts numerous optimistic reports and has unique formulas that make it effective for both males as well as females. Interestingly, Scalp Med is guaranteed to work or the purchase will be refunded. Such a level of product confidence along with the great Scalp Med testimonials are incredibly reassuring to those seeking to regrow their hair.