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Editor's Note

Today you, the reader will be getting a glimpse into my experience in grade 11 Physical education and health class.
For starters I am not the most physically capable nor the most coordinated individual. But i do enjoy sports and learning and practicing different physical activities. I, like any other participant in the class, had my weaknesses at times and my strengths at other times.

I pride myself on being unafraid to try new activities and put myself in new situations instead of sticking with what's familiar. (basketball instead of soccer, etc.) I also pride myself on trying my best to encourage people to go in the forwards direction when and if they're down. I felt like I was a team player for the most part and interacted positively with team members

I tried to be on time but i wasn't always the most punctual when it came to clothes and equipment since i'm a very forgetful person.
Sometimes during the course i'd be disappointed with my ability to perform in certain sports and would be discouraged to apply as much effort. I do sometimes tend to give up on myself when it comes to certain activities like basketball where i don't have the skillset to be an asset to the team.

All in all, I thoroughly enjoyed the experiences provided by this course and the activities I got to try and i'm very glad I chose it.

Advice, Advice, Advice

My partner and I are experiencing difficulties conceiving a child. What sort of things should we consider if infertility is the cause of our problems?

Hi, I'm sorry that you and your partner are having trouble concieving but fret not! There are many options for you to choose from.
For one, if the fertility is one-sided you could consider a sperm bank or lesser known egg banks where medical advances has made it possible to conceive outside the body.
Another viable option that you two could consider is adoption. Many kids are in need of a better home and you could provide one for them. After all parenthood isn't by blood it's by the memories shared and impacts made

I have been really stressed out with a lot of aspects of life lately. I feel as though I have no time to complete everything that is being asked of me on a daily basis at school, at work, at home and in my personal life. Do you have any advice for how I can handle situations that are stressing me out? If my current level of stress continues is it something that I should be worried about? What could happen??

Hi and thank you for reaching out.
It is absolutely normal to feel like you have too much on your plate at certain times in your life. Stress is a normal part of life. But it's also incredibly important to make sure your stress isn't bleeding through into your everyday life and to manage it.

My advice to you is the following
Learn to be more aware of the time you spend on certain tasks and maybe set timers for things you can do and don't bite off more than you can chew because it might add to your stress if you start things and don't finish them, instead divide your tasks into smaller portions that way they seem less scary to handle and you feel more accomplished

Risky Behaviour in adolescents

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Teenagers have a reputation of not thinking things through before doing them. They are more likely to partake in drug use and binge drinking.
But have you ever stopped to think, Why is that?

Research has proved that teens have an underdeveloped prefrontal cortex which is the portion of the brain responsible for long term decision making. While also having a heightened emotional center (amygdala).
This explains why they often will think more about the instant rewards of a situation before thinking about the long term risks

Concussion Discussion

Concussions have become a majour point of discussion in high schools across Canada. Many schools have had assemblies that underline the life-threatening situations that could arise form a concussion.
After all, a concussion is a brain injury. In the past 10 or so ears public outlook on concussions especially in sports has taken a 180 turn. More and more concussed athletes are being diagnosed because concussions are being recognized more since the information is very widespread

Despite that however many athletic association show little regard to athlete safety when it comes to injury.

Golf? Absolutely.

Hi, I'd like to take up golf because it looks very cool but i have no idea where to start. Can you help?

Hello, and thank you for asking.
And yes I absolutely can help. Good thing i'm a golf expert who's done golf for decades.
There's a few things to keep in mind when first practicing your golf swing.

For Grip you want to have your dominant hand on the top and interlock your pinkie with your other hand's thumb. as shown in figure one. This is to ensure that the club hits the ball square and not in a slanted fashion.

For Position it is important to bend your knees a little bit so you have more control over the swing of the club, keep in mind when you're at this position to not be too far from the ball because then you'd have t reach over and the swing won't be as clean.

For The swing, as shown in figure 2 it is crucial to move the club in a way where all of the motion is on one plane so that the swing isn't wobbly and it's more steady make sure to square your shoulders and keep your non dominant elbow locked until the bottom part of the swing.

Good luck and have fun