The Renaissance

Jennifer Zetino

How we see The Renaissance

Now a days we see the renassiance as something we want to learn about, we even have musems where we can go discover how much differnet The Renassiance to our world now. We view them as a old fashioned way of art, and its a old history of Italy, also we see how the renaissance upgraded back in the days. how much things changed and how things changed. also what effect it has in our now world. we use this history as teachings of Italy's history

People associated with the change & their important contributions.

Henry I founder of the Saxon dynasty of kings and emperors in Germany

Henry IV choose the Duke of Sulley to increase French coffers

Henry VIII King who got his own way and at the same time established the Anglican Church

Cortes Defeated the Aztec ruler Montezuma

Charles V A Hapsburg who was both King of France and Spain

Catherine the Great Romanov ruler of Russia who continued Peter the Great's policies of expansion and resolved the Polish question. expanded the boundaries of Russia and benefitted from the partition of Poland

important people during renaissance


Social Change

There was economic and religious changes, such as the cities grew larger. The rulers learned how to tax people. Trade ans goods increased. Italin citites became important as trade centers. there was alot of change especially for Italy because Italy is where everything first happened. to the point where even what people wore changed.

What Makes The Renaissance (Educational Parody of What Makes You Beautiful by One Direction)