When Home Based Learning Continues

As it goes into the third week of home-based learning, there might be more challenges, and complicated feelings start to come up. In this week's issue, we want to provide some resources on dealing with these challenges, such as helping children coping with loneliness, staying physically active at home, and choosing suitable internet package for increased data usage. In addition, there are some tips on maintaining emotional well-being. By regaining control and maintaining mindfulness, we can keep taking care of ourselves and our children through these challenging times.

How to Help Children Cope With Loneliness During Online Learning

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Staying Active When Being at Home

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When Things Are Out of Control...

In the midst of a global pandemic, many uncertainties are surrounding all of us. It could be pretty overwhelming when we are trying our best to manage work and family during this difficult time. When there is so much about coronavirus outside of our control, naturally, we want to find stability and seek things to control to feel secure.

However, to regain that sense of control does not necessarily mean we need to do everything right. As parents, an essential and probably the most challenging goal is setting realistic and reasonable expectations. Learn to let go of what's beyond our control, and help ourselves focus on the tasks at hand to utilise our energy in the best way.

Please see the image below for more examples.

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Home Internet Package

Is your home internet getting slower when the whole family is now at home at the same time? It might not cover all the data needs of live-streamed classes, multiple work conference calls, and video chats all at one time. We want to provide more internet resource from Taiwan’s top 5 telecom companies, which now all offer new internet packages for users.

Please click on the pages below or contact your telecom company for more information.

We Are Here For Your Child

  • Online Group Workshop: ESC Students can sign up by emailing the counselling platform. Please see the image below for more information.
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