Team Rector

March Newsletter

A note from me...

How many of you have someone who spends all of their time planning so that YOU will be successful? Guess what? We ALL do! Thirty-One is truly keeping their promise from conference when Cindy Monroe said that now that we are a debt-free company, they have BIG plans to pour into us and into our customers. I'm telling I just wait each month to see what the next surprise is! In case you've forgotten or haven't heard, here's what's coming...

*Summer Style Guide products start April 1st

*1K and up will be product testing new prints that are "Globally Inspired"

*Conference registration opens in March

*Leadership Incentive Trip for 2019 is to Maui, Hawaii and anyone can work to earn it between now and the end of March 2019!

So many AMAZING reasons to stick with your business, take care of your customers, broaden your influence and customer base, and share the business opportunity! The best is yet to come and I'm with you every step of the way!!!

K Group Earners - Spring/Summer


Melissa Calvert


Kim Rector

Robin McKnight

1/2 K

Vicki Ross

Michele Galloway

Laura Tharrington

Celebrating Your Businesses!

I'm not gonna lie...February was tough! Many of you had sickness and other things going on last month and things just seemed to be moving slowly for a lot of us, including me. March is already on the upswing! Book those parties (offer all kinds...home, online, catalog, etc.) and let's pick up momentum again! OUR TEAM GOAL FOR MARCH IS 50 PARTIES

Congratulations to...

Jenny Harron for starting her business back up again!


Kim Rector - $1084

Lora Morgan - $1010 (GREAT 1st month back girl!)

Melissa Calvert - $1009


Brandy Leach - $817

Vicki Ross - $633

Robin McKnight - $622


Heather Hill - $346

Michele Galloway - $327

Misty Griffin - $129

Stacy Williams - $124

Robin Felman - $116

Jessica Yarboro - $106

Amy Motley - $58

Laura Tharrington - $40


Kim Elam

Amanda McLoughlin

Carrie Williford

Wanda Swink

Hope Binion

Tammy Murphy

Jo Boggs

Kristin Theis

Carol Hinson

Carson LaBelle

Carla Fassbender

Wedding Gift Ideas

Summer Essentials Guide (starts April 1st)