The Serpent's Game Broken Sword

By, Sean Kelley (BOOK 2)

My Review

The Serpent's Game"—A.C. Frieden's second novel in his Jonathan Brooks spy series—opens as the hero is broke, divorced, his law practice in fails, and Hurricane Katrina headed his way. What better timing by his old Russian nemesis, Mariya, to appear from nowhere asking a favor?

This is some of his good writing about the time before Katrina that you are likely to come across. In fact, all Frieden's busy pedestrian-filled streets of Stockholm at lunch hour, to the still black night of Panama's brush-filled canal banks, to the filthy inverted hornet's nest of a Caracas barrio—are totally convincing. This is a thriller packed with a vast cast of international players and the author has scattered just enough Russian and Spanish phrases in the dialogue to give authenticity to the rapidly switching locations. It's as if you were catching what people are saying on the run, and everyone is on the run in "The Serpent's Game."

My Faverote Quote

"The corrosive obmutescence." I chose this quote because it points out most of what happens in the book