I'm Frederik Birn

An introduction to myself

to get to know me

Three things i like to do in my sparetime

More about music

I listen to basically three different types of music:

- the cozy music which often means some funky music i can just have in the background

- the quiet music which i use to relax

- the party music which basically means something with a beat.

So i don't really listen in genres. I don't care if it is rock, pop or funk. I just divide them in these three categories.

here is an example of the funky music i listen to-->

Von Dü @ MULTIVAL '11

Places i would like to visit!


I would like to go to Australia sometime because i think the country has a very exiting nature and wildlife.


I have already been to Italy several times, but i think the food and espicially language is very cozy and nice and if i should choose a country to settle down it would definitely be Italy

My dream job

I'm not really sure what my dream job would be, but i think space is very interesting so perhaps an astronaut would be my dream job, but i think it is very hard to be an astronaut, and it is also scary as hell. What if you are out in space and you slip a bit? Then you just tomble around in space without being able to do anything.. However it is still exiting

Three things i would like to do before i kick the bucket