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The "Return from Summer" edition

In this newsletter:

  • Password Reset time--- "digital citizenship for grown ups"
  • Google File Stream-- save to the cloud, not the network

That's it! Just two things EVERYONE in Hueneme needs to know about!

(okay, maybe I let EdCamp Hueneme sneak in, too...)

Want the short version?

  1. Go reset your password. It will expire after Labor Day if it hasn't been reset recently.
  2. The network H: Drive is no longer the place to store your files. Your Google Drive is. File Stream can help make this easy.

Read below for more fun and more info.


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Reset your district password-- the time is now!

Welcome to the start of the 2019-20 school year! Start fresh with a new district password!

The time is here--- go to the district webpage, click menu and find RESET MY PASSWORD. Click the link and reset your password. Done!

Want to go straight there right now? CLICK HERE (And don't forget to come back to the newsletter!)

  • Can't remember the old password? Click FORGOT my password and answer some security questions.

  • Doesn't work? Click ENROLL and start again.

  • Still having trouble? Submit a tech ticket and someone will help you out. Don't make a phone call--- submit a ticket. Help us help you :)
Easy and done! Remember, this is the password to sign onto a district computer, sign into wifi, access your gmail, etc.

All passwords that haven't been changed in the last year will expire after Labor Day weekend. And with that--- we launch our "improved security-- reset your password at the start of every school year" program!

Are you one who wants step by step instructions to read? We got you! Click the image to the left and open it up! Hey, cool!

NOTE--- this password is not the same as your Q password, which gets reset through Q.

(But you know what I do? Whenever Q makes me change it, I go to the homepage to password reset and change my district one to the same thing. Because I like things to match.)

Now that you have a sparkly new & secure password, protect it!

Don't write it someplace where it will be easily seen, and don't tell it to anyone else, even if you trust them and/or like them.

YOU CAN DO HARD THINGS LIKE REMEMBER A PASSWORD! We are in the education business and you learn stuff, too!

Our students data and your professional work is behind that password and it must be protected and kept private.


Your "H: Drive" stuff moved this summer--- kind of

As announced last spring, this summer all of your files and folders were migrated to Google Drive for you. Go to and sign in. There is a folder called "Migrated Data" on your "My Drive". There it is! Ta Da!

Now you will be able to access your flies from any Internet connected device!

Your Home Folder (H: Drive) is still viewable, but you can't edit or save updates there.

To create new files you will now use your Google Drive. You will find your old "H: Drive" files and folders on your Google Drive within a folder called- "Migrated Data"

If you are comfortable with Google Drive and Google files, great! If you are a Microsoft user, calm the panic that you may feel. This is really not a big deal. Keep reading, because File Stream is the solution to almost every problem you may worry about. (But it won't figure out what's for dinner.... sorry)

Use File Stream to access your Microsoft Files

If that Google Drive view feels unfamiliar and you want a view that looks more like Windows OR if you use Microsoft Word etc, put in a support ticket saying "Please install File Stream on my computer." You just might already have it installed.

If you put in a ticket, someone will come by and show you how to use it.

With File Stream, you will be able to:

  • continue using and editing your Microsoft Office Files while storing them in a secure spot (your desktop doesn't count, it isn't backed up).
  • navigate your Google Drive files with a Windows type view.

Want to watch Mel and Liz explain it in a little longer than it maybe needed to take?

Of course you do! Check out this video!


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Edcamp Hueneme won't be the same without our Hueneme teachers (that just may be YOU!)

Edcamp Hueneme. You want to come. We are hoping for our biggest year ever!

Pancakes, learning, conversations, sunshine, raffles, getting to know each other better... we love Edcamp Hueneme!

Save the Date! Saturday September 21 from 8ish to 12ish

Because we really want you to be part of it!

Invite teacher friends from all over. It is IN Hueneme, but it is for EVERYONE!

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