Digital Citizenship

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cyber bullying can be a damaging life experience.

people all over the world are being cyber bullied, and cyber bullying has ruined 7% of the worlds population which is a massive amount! and we need to subside this amount and make our world a no tolerance policy for cyber bullying.

  • sites such as Facebook, instagram, twitter and my space and so on can ruin your life for ever so what can happen and what to do!
  • you can be threatened into doing something!
  • you can be abused
  • called names
  • anything can happen and are you ready

  • need to talk??

tell an adult or someone close or ring kids helpline on 1800 55 1800 or for further information visit their website at

online safety

How can you stay safe online?

  • If you get worried about something that happens on the internet - close the window down or turn off your computer
  • If you are feeling scared or worried about something that happens on the computer tell an adult or someone close about what is happening.
  • Don't give out your personal details like your name, phone number, date of birth or address
  • Talk to your mum, dad or teacher if you make a site and get them to check it out!
  • Be careful about what pictures you put up online. because, strangers can sometimes see where to find you from photos that include signs or school or uniforms.
  • AND MOST OF ALL NEVER EVER go somewhere if someone says something such as meet me at the park or if they say their your age and so on so never say your age, name, address or email

These are a few things that can help you out! but if you are really worried! ring the kidshelp on 1800 55 1800 and they'll give you further information and things to boost your confidence not to be scared of what can happen.


netiquette is etiquette online! its having manners and respect for other users and people as so on! netiquette is a major part of digital citizenship! without netiquette the entire social media and users will fall apart! if you dont understand how important netiquette go to a site such as

how can you have netiquette?

to have nettiquette you must say...

- say please and thank you

- always be polite

- always think before you say

- never ever swear or use abusive content


kidshelpline information

kidshelpline will help you in any matter from bullying to online safety!