Boundaries of the Earth


Convergent Boundaries

Ocean to Ocean: Creates a trench or mid ocean ridge.

Ocean to Continental: volcanic activity and mountains rise on the continental plate.

Continental to Continental: the land rises upwards and may cause volcanic activity.

Three Types of Convergent Boundaries : Plate Tectonics

Divergent Plate Boundaries

Ridge: When two ocean plates pull apart from each other they create a ridge with a trench in the middle from which Magma escapes.

Rift: in a rift valley the two plates have pulled apart and the area of land in between drops and is prone to fissure eruptions.

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divergent plate boundaries

Transform Plate Boundaries

Transform boundaries are when two plates rub against each other in opposite directions. the sudden movement of this type of boundary is the most notorious earthquake producer.
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Conservstive or Transform Plate Boundaries- Full Movie