by Jocelle Julien and Ian Guzman

How are they Formed?

Hurricanes start off as tropical storms over the Atlantic and Pacific oceans,near the equator so its warm.As the water evaporates it rises into large amounts of moist air.That air rises into the atmosphere.The winds then circle counterclockwise and to the north of the equator.Sometimes it goes clockwise and to the north of the equator.

Historical Impacts on Florida

Hurricanes are popular in the summer for the state of Florida. In 2003 Hurricane Charlie touched down in Florida. Florida's hurricane season is in the summer time.

How does the disaster affect living people?

After a hurricane touches down peoples houses could be destroyed or nearly there. During a hurricane winds could be so fierce that it could blow a roof off. Blowing off a roof hurting many people in the area. Hurricanes may also bring floods, causing people to drown.

Ways to Stay Safe in a Hurricane

In order to stay safe you have to stay aware. Watch the weather report to see if there is any threat of a hurricane. If so, then make sure you stay indoors and have plenty of food and water. Hurricanes most often times take out power,so make sure a flashlight,and batteries are available. If you are not able to reach a flashlight a candle will work as well. Make sure if you are using a candle you have a lighter.Most importantly, make sure you stay far away from windows.